Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tired of this cold weather and need an ESCAPE? well, its time to PARK HERE at 201 Mulberry Street and enjoy a 73 degree indoor park!

Is the wind burn on your face bothering you? or what about those chapped lips and dry hands on these cold winter days? You may get 26 degrees Fahrenheit on a good day, but if you add wind chill ... you're easily down to 15 degrees. brrrrrr.... Oh, and did I mention that a snow storm is coming our way this Wednesday and possibly earlier if the flurries begin on Tuesday? Yikes!

I don't know about you - but, I'm already missing the 80 degree weather I had just days ago in Los Angeles. So, if you're like me, seeking some warmth in these bone-chilling days in New York City, visit "PARK HERE" at 201 Mulberry Street to experience a 5,000 square foot indoor pop-up park in an environmentally controlled 73 degree weather. You don't need me to say that this would be a great refuge from the cold, but why go here instead of chilling out in your own apartment?

For starters, on the weekends, you can order a Luke's Lobster Roll and enjoy it on a park bench. Not into paying over $15 for a lobster roll? Perhaps check out Mexicue. or bring your own culinary desires to this park and enjoy it there. Since we're talking about food, Urban Daddy is hosting a "dinner and a movie" party at night -- where you can order a five-course picnic basket by the likes of Fatty Crab, Fat Radish and Nobu (Sorry, you missed Daniel Boulud and other star culinary chefs). But don't be disappointed, these nights also offer an open-bar and, if you're lucky a firework show ... What's the catch? The night entertainment is not free, depending on the movie and the restaurant supplying the food, the night can cost anywhere from $75 to $200 per person. If you're interested in booking, click here to reserve your spot.

For everyone else who can do without the dinner and a movie, but want to enjoy a faux park in 73 degree weather, you can visit PARK HERE daily from 11 am to 6 pm from now till January 30th (its been open since January 8, 2011).

For PHOTOS, check it out on FLICKR.
For MORE INFO on other offerings (YOGA, bocce ball, croquet), check out their website or their calendar for activities.

WHERE? 201 Mulberry Street between Houston and Bleecker

The indoor pop-up park is brought to you by: UrbanDaddy, American Foliage Design, smartwater, Magic Murals, Northern Light Technologies, Fatboy, The Naked Grape and Yogaworks

p.s. YOGA - 12-1 pm on the weekdays; bring a mat and the suggested donation is $15; water is provided by smartwater

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