Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cold vs. Flu vs. Swine Flu (Photo of the Day)

Photos of a few things I've tried -- Ricola Cherry Honey Cough Drops (highly recommended), Airborne (Regular and Nightime - nighttime is not tasty at all!), Tylenol PM (waiting to take this, but don't want to mix meds), TamiFlu (very helpful last season, hoping it will work its charm again), Green Tea and a thermometer (97.2, no fever, but still achy)

This will be my second post of the day and can you tell I'm getting bored and dreading being sick? Well, instead of being useless on the couch or sleeping through the day -- I'm trying to push myself to the road of recovery ... and being active with a few photo setups (ok, i really should have ironed the black fabric, but its a calumet cover and wasn't sure if i could do that; and i probably should have used the manual focus but didn't want to try and find my glasses -- afterall, I am sick (boo hoo hoo)... alright, alright, I admit, these are TWO very BAD things you should not neglect as a photographer - yes, JOE (for those that don't know, Joe is my photography mentor -- visit his site at ... :D ), you're right Joe.

So, today is my fourth day and though tamiflu has helped a bunch, I still have this nagging cough -- which, is now starting to turn -- phlegmy. Eeks. I might have to call the doctor again. But because I have this cough, I want to avoid contact with all my friends.... why? Well, I actually got the flu from a friend that was coughing in the car -- and a day later, I was struck down with the flu.

So what makes the flu, THE FLU, and what makes a cold, a COLD? and what about Swine Flu? Ok, I'm no doctor, but damn, WebMD sure makes it easy to self-diagnose yourself -- so most of what I'll be sharing with you is from WebMD, my quick clinical resource. Below you will find a few quick excerpts that will make it easy for you to understand. If you want to read about it yourself, click here for the slide show.

NOTE: Before you read on, you should know that this is not a be all ends all type of quick help tool, nor is WebMD the answer to everything, so everyone should know that if you have a question or medical emergency, please consult your doctor or physician.

A Cold. Colds usually include a runny or stuffy nose. Colds usually come on gradually and last for about a week.

A Flu. Classic seasonal flu symptoms include sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches and soreness, congestion, and cough. Symptoms come on suddenly and you feel drained/exhausted. Flu symptoms usually get better over two to five days. But it's not uncommon to feel rundown and lousy for a week or longer. If left untreated and becomes severe, in some cases, the flu can lead to pneumonia (consult your doctor).

Swine Flu. Swine flu and the regular seasonal flu share many symptoms: cough, sore throat, fever (although not everyone with flu has a fever), and body aches. But many people with swine flu also have stomach problems, such as vomiting, and diarrhea. If you think you have the Swine Flu, CDC recommends you contacting your health care provider.

If you have a cold and have had it for more than a few days.... you are ok. Sometimes it can take two days to a week to feel better. For more reasons why your cold is lasting longer than you think, read here.

For more items on what to take for your cold, or flu, or what to do if you have the swine flu, refer back to WebMD.

Did you know?:
  • A cold or the flu are all respiratory illnesses and are both contagious viral infections.
  • The flu vaccine is harmless versions of the flu virus that helps your body recognize and fight it if exposed to the real thing. Despite what you may hear, they don't give you the flu. side note: friends have gotten vaccinated before, but still got the flu that season. so although you may think the vaccine can prevent you from getting the flu, its not entirely true.
  • If you have the flu and you take prescription antiviral drugs within 48 hours of the first symptom, you can reduce the severity of the symptoms and lessen the duration of the flu by at least one day.
  • Easiest ways to get the swine flu, according to WebMD, is someone coughing on you (50% chance), touching something that has the flu virus (31% chance), breathing in tiny particles that was sneezed or coughed out of from an infected person (17% chance) or breathing in large particles that have been in the air a shorter amount of time (0.5%). These stats are based on a scenario in which a family member is taking care of someone sick in bed with a type A flu bug. For more, read here
  • You are more likely to catch a common cold if you are excessively fatigued, have emotional distress, or have allergies with nose and throat symptoms (read more here)
  • More than 100 types of cold viruses are known, and new strains of flu evolve every few years. Since both diseases are viral, antibiotics cannot conquer cold or flu. A few antiviral medications are available to treat flu. But there are no medications that specifically defeat the common cold. Antibiotics may be helpful if there is a secondary bacterial infection. (read more here).
OK, that's all folks, hope that was a quick and easy tutorial on the differences between the COLD, the FLU, and the SWINE FLU.

Be healthy and avoid contact with sick people (that includes me for this week)

Being Sick in NYC

While I'm at home, trying to get rid of this flu, I was thinking to myself - it stinks to be sick, but thank goodness I live in New York.

You may think I'm crazy for saying this - but its true. I'd rather be sick in NYC than in any other city. In New York, the convenience of drug stores (CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, mom & pop stores), grocery stores (Gristedes, Food Emporium, D'agastino,etc) and the multitude of restaurants in a few city blocks is sure to help you get what you need when you have a cold or the flu. In Orange County, you have to drive everywhere to get anything and there are not as many restaurants to order in from. Just think about where you live, can you think of the nearest drug store or grocery store near you to pick up water or medicine (within walking distance)? and what about a restaurant - can you think of one near you that has soup or some type of comfort food that delivers? You probably thought of a few for each -- and that's just it -- everything is all so close to you! Yes, it sucks to be sick, and there is just no way around it, but if you live in New York, its much easier to get all the things you need, without going far.

Sure you can get a friend or a family member to drop stuff off (thank you to all my friends that have offered! and to my neighbor who has brought stuff over), but what if you don't want to inconvenience them or worse yet, get them sick? Well, if you live in NYC, its pretty easy to get all the things you need within a few city blocks. So, for all the people who live in New York -- be thankful for the convenience of it all -- yes, some say we are all paying for it -- well, I suppose that is true too, but we also chose to live in NYC for many other reasons too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Stalls in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

If you find the entrance to the Golden Shopping Mall (41-28 Main Street, lower level) in Flushing, you will find all sorts of restaurants in this underground food haven - heaven. Its not an easy place to spot -- there is a green awning on the outside and it states "Golden Shoping Mall" -- yes, the sign is spelled incorrectly. But if you find it -- you will find a collection of food stalls, or mini-restaurants, that will satiate one of your Asian food cravings.

So what and how do you choose from all the different food stalls/restaurants? I went with two other friends and we made our decisions based on what people were eating (or how crowded it was), what we smelled and what looked good to eat. In order to get a good sampling of the foods, we ordered one or two items from the stalls -- until we were stuffed.

We tried three different places, but by no means were these the only food places in here. Click on the links below to read our reviews.

House of Xie
Stall #38

Most Popular Item: Dumplings

5 Different Types of Dumplings
* Very juicy and flavorful
* Eight dumplings for $2.00

Xi'an Famous Foods
Stall # 36

Most Popular Item: Lamb with your choice

We selected Spicy Lamb Burger for $2.50
* Very tasty, very flavorful
* Lamb was tender

Lanzhou Handmade Noodle
Stall #27

Most Popular Item: Hand Pulled noodles

We selected the Oxtail Hand Pulled Noodle for $5.00.
* Noodles were as expected - thin, fresh and good
* Oxtail soup - abundance of meat, but flavor was bland

What other food items do you have to look forward to?

Left: Pork Chops over Rice at Stall 30 for $5.00
Middle: Two different restaurants -- soups, noodles, dumplings (price unknown)
Right: At the back-end of the hall (past House of Xie), you'll find red booths where you can order Hot Pot (or more known in Japanese as Shabu Shabu; price unknown)

Not enough food?

maybe you can wait until they open this next shop -- yes, its the size of a Manhattan studio!

or, if you don't want to wait that long -- can check out the first floor - yes, there's a first floor. There is no direct connection from the underground floor to first floor (at least, not to my obvious eyes); so you'll have to exit the way you came in, walk away from 41 Road and you'll notice the other door (photo below)

On the first floor there are not as many restaurants, but you will still find plenty of people eating here. Mostly, you will see people eating the Fu zhou cuisine. If you are not familiar with that type of food, check my previous blog on Fu Zhou Noodles and Fish Balls. There is also another restaurant here that sells Chinese deli-like items.

So that is my quick overview of the Golden Shopping Mall. Make sure you check the individual posts on the three restaurants that my friends and I scoped out for you. My favorite restaurants were Xi'an Famous Foods for its Lamb Burger Sandwich and House of Xie for its Pork with Celery Dumplings.

Happy Eating!

p.s. if you go here, tell me what your food thoughts are!

Lanzhou Handmade Noodle in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

Welcome to Lanzhou Handmade Noodle aka Stall 27 in the Golden Shopping Mall (41-28 Main Street, lower level) in Flushing. It seems like everywhere I go -- Manhattan Chinatown and now Flushing Chinatown -- it would be amiss without a Lanzhou handmade noodle shop. It is quite literally everywhere I go. As I posted previously (Lam Zhou Hand Pulled Noodles, Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles), lamian is literally translated as Hand Pulled noodles and originated from Northern China.

The taste of the la mian noodles are quite similar across other la mian shops ,which is good for consistency purposes. The only slight or noticeable difference is whether the lamian chefs make the noodles on the thinner or thicker side -- otherwise, the noodles all taste the same. At this Lanzhou Noodle shop (most are just called lanzhou just to represent where the noodles originated from), the noodles tend to be on the middle to thinner side. Like many of the other lanzhou noodle shops, there are 19 different types of toppings you can have with your hand pulled noodles - beef, oxtail, seafood, beef tendon, eel, fish balls, roast duck, pork chop, etc. Among the most popular of lamian dishes, the beef (nee-ro-mian) and the oxtail hand pulled noodles are the most popular. We ordered the Oxtail Hand pulled soup.

Oxtail Hand Pulled Soup.
It included a good sampling of oxtail, but the soup was bland.

The oxtail was cooked long enough where the meat was easy to take off of the bone (notice, not fall off, its not expected to be that tender). The soup was bland for my liking, and even if I added the salty preserved vegetable or the hot spices, it was not the correct flavoring for this noodle soup. All it needed was some salt, but it was not on the table.

Overall, I didn't like this dish. After tasting this dish, my friends and I had food envy of other dishes that our neighbors were having. True to form, most of the clients were either having the nee-ro-mein or the oxtail soup. Next time, we'll have to try the beef noodle soup, which we hope carries more flavor than the oxtail soup.

Interesting Tidbits about Oxtail:
  • Is oxtail what you think it is? Yes, its the tail of a beef animal (or ox - a castrated bull).
  • Oxtail is not only used in Chinese cuisine, but also in Indonesia, Korea, Italy, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • In Korea, oxtail bone is used to flavor the dish - Sul Long Tang - which is oxtail bone soup with rice, vermicelli/thin glass noodles -- all of which is flavored with scallions and salt to your taste
Lanzhou Handmade Noodle located inside the Golden Shopping Mall
41-28 Main Street, Lower Level

Xi'an Famous Foods in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

Welcome to Stall 36 aka Xi'an Famous Foods, located in the Golden Shopping Mall at 41-28 Main Street, lower level. The stall is diagonal and to the right from Lanzhou Noodles and next to House of Xie. If you can't identify the stall by the photos above, its also easy to identify with the laminated photos of their foods that is located in the front of their stall.

We only ordered one food item from this stall and tried some of their drinks. We only tried one because this was the first stall we tried and wanted to save room for the others. The stall offered a variety of dishes made with lamb, so we selected the spicy lamb burger to test their lamb. We also selected the lamb because the other food stalls did not offer this meat.

Spicy Lamb Burger for $2.50.

The sandwich was simple -- lamb, jalapeno and some other herbs. Every bite was savory and spicy, which for me was a bit too spicy, but the taste was so pleasant that I found myself wanting more -- regardless of the consequences. Bite two, now my mouth was sort of in flames - but it was worth the consequences. The meat was tender to slightly rough, but to my pleasant surprise, the lamb was not like the sliced up meat you find at some of the food carts in Manhattan (previously blogged), but true cubes of meats. You could taste the lamb, which was not game-y in any sense. The bread didn't add much flavor to the sandwich, but it did add a nice crunch to every bite. Overall, the sandwich was delicious! Everything the name had, it offered - Spicy Lamb Burger. (note: my tolerance for spicy foods are low)

We also tried the Honey Red Ginseng drink here ... and for some reason I thought it was Honey with Ginger... so you can imagine once I had the taste in my mouth -- my immediate reaction was to spit it out -- but I didn't. Yeah, I was not a fan, but my friend Julie was.

For more info on their menu, check out their website at (yes, its one of the only places that has a website!) -- there are plenty of photos and other helpful information about Xi'an Famous Foods.

Overall, all three of us (Michael, Julie and me), enjoyed this sandwich and would order it again (had it not been for the other stalls we wanted to visit!).

Interesting Tidbit:
  • Anthony Bourdain has visited this stall before and you will see a photo of him there
  • If you walk into the stall, there is a picture of a female body builder and a picture of the same lady in normal clothes (if you see this, you'll likely have a similar reaction - "WOAH, that can't be all hidden in that tiny lady's body!")
  • Xi'an is the capital of the Shaanxi province in China. Tourists visit this area to see the Terra Cotta Warriors and is also part of the Silk Road. Food from Xi'an is generally spicy.
  • According to wikipedia, Ginseng's traditional uses are for medicinal purposes - including increasing one's libido, increases resistance to stress, and helps with diabetes II.

House of Xie Food Stall in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

If you find the entrance to the Golden Shopping Mall (41-28 Main Street) in Flushing, you will find all sorts of stalls in this underground food haven - heaven. Welcome to Stall 38 aka House of Xie located in the Golden Shopping Mall, lower level. The stall is across the way from Lanzhou Noodles and can be identified by its Blue Sign. Its essentially in the middle of everything (next to Lanzhou Noodles and X'ian Famous Eats).

Top, Left to Right: Part of the Blue Sign, Kevin grabbing Pig Feet,
Middle, L to R: Assortment of Deli Items, Flat bread for sandwiches
Bottom, L to R: Chinese Deli Items (tofu, mushrooms, potato salad, cucumber salad, sausage, etc), Tray of Uncooked Dumplings

This stall is known for its boiled dumplings and what I like to call "Chinese deli" items. Do not ask for fried dumplings or steamed dumplings because they do not have that -- only boiled.

There are five different types of dumplings:
Pork w/ celery
Pork w/ cabbage
Pork w/ chives
Pork, shrimp, and eggs w/ chives
Beef w/ scallion
-- all orders come with eight dumplings and cost $2.00

Of the five, we tried three.

Here is the pork w/ celery dumpling. Sounds disgusting, but surprisingly good. The celery gives it a crunchy-ness that is unexpected, but nice. The dumpling is extremely juicy and flavorful.

This is the pork w/ cabbage dumpling. My least favorite of the three.

Since cabbage retains a lot of water, the cabbage when steamed along with the pork likely made the dumpling flavors more subdued when compared to the other ones.

This is pork, shrimp, egg w/ scallions dumpling.

Sounds like an interesting mix of ingredients, right? Well it was. It reminded me of the steamed dumplings you would get at dim sum (the specialty kind). It was tasty, and certainly packed a punch of flavors. Although, I enjoyed this a lot, I think the pork w/ celery is my favorite with the surprising crunchy-ness factor.

The Chinese Deli Items.

In my opinion, there was nothing notable about these deli items. Normally, you can only select three vegetable items (but they were nice enough to let us try four). In our dish, we had preserved cucumbers (mediocre; spicy and was not preserved long enough), black-water-mushrooms (don't know the exact name of this - but the texture is chewy and reminds me of seaweed - its occasionally put in Chinese or Japanese soups; the dish had a sour taste), Fermented Bean Curd (average, lacked flavor, had better), and Potato Salad (thought this was fermented radish, but it was potato -- it was blanched in hot water then seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and chopped finely - intricate flavors, memorable only b/c you would not have thought it was potato salad).

There are other deli items you can choose from, including, pigs feet, pig ears, sausage, and a few other unidentifiable items. Price of deli side dishes - $3.00 for a choice of up to three vegetarian sides; One meat choice and vegetables, $4.00; Two meat choices - $5.00

Another food item you can order is a Beef Pancake sandwich for $1.00 (did not try).

Overall, I enjoyed the dumplings and thought it was good value (all our food cost $9.00 and that includes two bottles of water!). House of Xie is probably one of the better dumplings places I have found in New York, especially with the five varieties; I would pass on the deli items.

House of Xie Located inside Golden Shopping Mall on the lower level
41-28 Main Street
(212) 518-1952

Hole-y Mole-y

Hole-y Mole-y is what I'd like to call this restaurant. Why? First of all, the name of the Restaurant is Mole, not pronounced "Mol", but pronounced "Mo-Leah", hence the Mole-y. Secondly, or lastly, as you walk into the restaurant, its almost cavernous, burrow-like, small, quaint, or what I'd like to say appears like a hole-in-the wall. Not hole-in-the-wall in terms of prices, but purely because of its small size. I think the restaurant fits a maximum of 25 people (and that includes the seats at the mini-bar) and you are close enough to participate in your neighbor's conversations (like we eventually did). Um, yeah, if you're looking for a private place to have a conversation - this is not it -- its not a big place! And now, put the words together - "Hole-y Mole-y" is my reaction to a lot of things I tried here.

So welcome to Mole Mexican Bar & Grill on 205 Allen Street (between Houston and Stanton). Apparently the owners of this restaurant also own Taco Taco on the Upper East Side. So what did we try here? We wanted to try everything, but unfortunately our stomachs and wallets would not allow us to! However, the first thing I noticed on the menu was the extensive number of entrees/dishes on the menu. I mean, WOW, for a place that only seats 25, the menu certainly packed a punch! There is a wide selection of appetizers, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, tortas, and house specials. I was even surprised to see Chimichanga on the menu (ahh, mouth watering).

A friend and I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos, the Chile Relleno and Guacamole & Chips. We also started off with a few beverages -- a regular margarita (they also offer flavored ones with fruit purees) and Negra Modelo. The salt on the margarita was somewhat flavored - it wasn't just straight salt -- it reminded me of that seasoning on the Mexican dried candy - whatever the name, it was tasty! The Negra Modelo was on tap! I haven't seen that, well, EVER. So that was a nice pleasant surprise to get that on tap -- and it was GoOd, sooo GoOd!

ignore the photo quality of these photos - very low light and only had my point & shoot camera.

First, the table-side fresh guac-a-moley. They asked us how spicy we wanted it and we decided with medium. WOW, medium was not mild, it was a FIRE-Y HOT HOT HOT. My friend loved it since he secretly wanted it HOT, but I on the other hand, had to wash my mouth out with water. HOWEVER, water doesn't help - in fact it just swishes the hotness all-around. So, I filled my mouth with the pink radishes and the chips. After a few tears and a few coughs, I was ready to try again thinking it was just that one dip. Stupid. Stupid. The second time around was just as hot! HOLEY MOLEY! So buyer beware -- medium is HOT! So, though I can't rank this food item - my friend said it was delicious (go figure!). If I would rank it (trying to ignore the spice), I would say it was average guacamole. The chips were great though - on the thicker side and very crispy! The guacamole was not made at our table (how could they since there was no room at our table) NOTE: they will serve you a large if you don't specify the size you want -- Large is $14; Small is $9.

The Baja Fish Tacos were LARGE (holey moley!). Mole does not kid around with their portion sizes. All three of the blue corn tortillas were overflowing with deep-fried fish, lettuce and avocado slices. I had to take some fish out of the taco in order to eat it -- but it was oh so good! If you're wondering what fish they use, its flounder. In addition, the tacos come with its own special dipping sauces -- chipotle and jalapeno! And just when I thought I was out of the spicy-phase of the meal, I was hit again with a jolt of spice. But, good thing I tasted the sauce before I added it to the taco (see, I learned!). The taco itself doesn't need the sauce, but I preferred it with a little something to offset the batter from the fish -- so I applied some of the tomato sauce from our Chile Relleno dish -- and it made the dish incredible! You can ask the waiter for a non-spicy sauce and you will end up with the salsa. Perhaps, they should offer this dish with the Chile Relleno sauce - that would be a great pairing! My friend, who is also from California, and who loves Fish Tacos recommends this dish highly because its a good representation of California Fish Tacos. Dish was $17 - a bit pricey, but after getting the dish, you will understand why its $17 -- you get a whole lot of fish!

Chiles Relleno. I loved this dish. I loved the sauce, I loved the peppers, and I loved the queso fresco (aka fresh cheese). What more, I loved how the sauce was not spicy, but sweet. I have to admit, its my first time eating this type of chile relleno, and I'm a big fan (hope its not because I was turned off with all the spicy foods earlier -- but it really did put a smile on my face!).

The dish comes with two chiles rellenos and cost $16.

Note: Our "neighbors" -- the table next to us, had also ordered the Fish Tacos and loved it. They also ordered Shrimp Tacos and found it extremely spicy (even after they had previously requested it to be not spicy). They sent the dish back and without much hassle, they received another order of Shrimp Tacos, without the "heat". Our neighbor enjoyed the dish thoroughly.

Though there is more to try at this restaurant (we only had a chance to taste two dishes), of the two dishes we tried, it gave us a good idea of what would be expected out of the other dishes -- a lot of flavor and spice! If you don't mind the spice, this is a great place for you; if you like the authentic Mexican flavors, this is a good place to try out as well.

The negatives
- limited space, not much ambiance, very spicy foods, comparable to moderately pricier dishes than other Mexican restaurants in the city (Rosa Mexicana, Dos Caminos and to a certain extent Mexicana Mama (or its sister, Mexicana Mama).

The positives -- good portions (but perhaps this is factored in the price), great flavors, comparable foods to California, extensive list of dishes and tequila to try.

Happy Eating!

Mole Mexican Bar & Grill
205 Allen Street )Between Houston and Stanton)
(212) 777-3200

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in K-Town!

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival to all the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese people today!

I was just in Korean Town (NY) on 32nd Street, or also known as, Korean Way (yes, thats''the street name) and saw them setting up for the festivities. I unfortunately couldn't stay to partake in the festivities, but I did take some quick snap shots of whats going on (of course, i can't post that now either since I'm writing from a remote location)... but just to give everyone a quick sense of whats going on!

There are numerous stands filling Korea Way (between 5th avenue and Broadway) -- some selling Korean shampoo/conditioner, selling phone cards to call Korea or selling you phone service (yes, MetroPCS is there) and selling you baked goods. If that doesn't interest you (b/c that does sound a bit boring), perhaps the smell of BBQ will entice you to visit the the 29th Annual Korean Parade Festival. There is a diverse selection of food items -- Grilled Marinated Short Ribs over rice with Kimchi, Spicy Rice Cake with Fish Cake, Grilled Squid with Hot and Spicy sauce over rice, Korean Style Pancake, Korean Fried Dumplings, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Pork Sausage, Korean Style Pig's Feet, and the New York Hot Dog Company (Korean Hot Dogs)... you get the idea. Food is plentiful there! Aside from the food and the literature about Korea, there is also a sound stage that will host all activities for the day. Among the activities you will see a few performers (Lee Su, Woori Garak Dance Academy, 6 year old Ye Eun Jin, and Eugene Park and Village Underground Band perform) and a few announcements from the Michael Bloomberg (NYC Mayor) and Charles Rangel (Congressman US House of Representatives).

Left to Right: Korean Sausage, Korean Pancake and Korean Style Pig Feet

Spicy Rice Cake with Fish Cake (left is the spicy sauce and right is the rice cake and fish cake)

Left to Right: Fried Dumplings, NY "Korean" Hot Dog, Korean Baked Good

Also, if you feel a bit lost and want to know more about Korea, the Korean way and also event information -- there are TWO pamphlets you should pick up -- The Wonderful World of Korean Food and The 29th annual Korean Parade Festival Book. The first will introduce you to all the different types of food and the history of it. It will also give you a sense of what Koreans typically eat during the holidays, how to make kimchi or how to cook Korean food at home) and a lot of other useful information about Korean food. The other book gives you a run down of what is going on today in Korean town. For example:

12:00 p.m. -- parade starts on 41st and 6th avenue and ends on 24th Street and 6th avenue.
12:30 p.m. -- Won Jo will be passing out free Bi Bim Bop samples that they will be serving out of what looks like a big wooden tub (sounds weird, but a friend said it was really tasty last year!).

The festival on 32nd Street between 5th avenue and Broadway will continue till 6:00 p.m., so don't miss your opportunity to immerse yourself in Korean culture through tasting Korean food and witnessing Korean performances (i.e. Puppet Dance).

For more info on the Mid-Autumn Moon festival, check out my two previous Moon Cake posts:

or just go to:

Enjoy! and Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival to everyone!!
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