Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House of Xie Food Stall in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

If you find the entrance to the Golden Shopping Mall (41-28 Main Street) in Flushing, you will find all sorts of stalls in this underground food haven - heaven. Welcome to Stall 38 aka House of Xie located in the Golden Shopping Mall, lower level. The stall is across the way from Lanzhou Noodles and can be identified by its Blue Sign. Its essentially in the middle of everything (next to Lanzhou Noodles and X'ian Famous Eats).

Top, Left to Right: Part of the Blue Sign, Kevin grabbing Pig Feet,
Middle, L to R: Assortment of Deli Items, Flat bread for sandwiches
Bottom, L to R: Chinese Deli Items (tofu, mushrooms, potato salad, cucumber salad, sausage, etc), Tray of Uncooked Dumplings

This stall is known for its boiled dumplings and what I like to call "Chinese deli" items. Do not ask for fried dumplings or steamed dumplings because they do not have that -- only boiled.

There are five different types of dumplings:
Pork w/ celery
Pork w/ cabbage
Pork w/ chives
Pork, shrimp, and eggs w/ chives
Beef w/ scallion
-- all orders come with eight dumplings and cost $2.00

Of the five, we tried three.

Here is the pork w/ celery dumpling. Sounds disgusting, but surprisingly good. The celery gives it a crunchy-ness that is unexpected, but nice. The dumpling is extremely juicy and flavorful.

This is the pork w/ cabbage dumpling. My least favorite of the three.

Since cabbage retains a lot of water, the cabbage when steamed along with the pork likely made the dumpling flavors more subdued when compared to the other ones.

This is pork, shrimp, egg w/ scallions dumpling.

Sounds like an interesting mix of ingredients, right? Well it was. It reminded me of the steamed dumplings you would get at dim sum (the specialty kind). It was tasty, and certainly packed a punch of flavors. Although, I enjoyed this a lot, I think the pork w/ celery is my favorite with the surprising crunchy-ness factor.

The Chinese Deli Items.

In my opinion, there was nothing notable about these deli items. Normally, you can only select three vegetable items (but they were nice enough to let us try four). In our dish, we had preserved cucumbers (mediocre; spicy and was not preserved long enough), black-water-mushrooms (don't know the exact name of this - but the texture is chewy and reminds me of seaweed - its occasionally put in Chinese or Japanese soups; the dish had a sour taste), Fermented Bean Curd (average, lacked flavor, had better), and Potato Salad (thought this was fermented radish, but it was potato -- it was blanched in hot water then seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper and chopped finely - intricate flavors, memorable only b/c you would not have thought it was potato salad).

There are other deli items you can choose from, including, pigs feet, pig ears, sausage, and a few other unidentifiable items. Price of deli side dishes - $3.00 for a choice of up to three vegetarian sides; One meat choice and vegetables, $4.00; Two meat choices - $5.00

Another food item you can order is a Beef Pancake sandwich for $1.00 (did not try).

Overall, I enjoyed the dumplings and thought it was good value (all our food cost $9.00 and that includes two bottles of water!). House of Xie is probably one of the better dumplings places I have found in New York, especially with the five varieties; I would pass on the deli items.

House of Xie Located inside Golden Shopping Mall on the lower level
41-28 Main Street
(212) 518-1952

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