I have categorized a few of my favorite spots throughout NYC based on their best dish. Enjoy!

AREPAS - Caracas


OUT OF THE AREA FUN -  Flushing Food Stalls in Golden Shopping Mall

PORK CHOPS (ASIAN-STYLE) - Excellent Pork Chop House in Chinatown

RICE CASSEROLES - Yummy Noodles in Chinatown

SEAFOOD - Lure Fish Bar Restaurant in SoHo

SUSHI - Sushi Gari in the UWS and UES (I prefer UWS) 

VIETNAMESE PHO, PORK CHOPS OVER RICE, BUN -  Thai Son (abssolute favorite) and Nha Pho Viet Huong in Chinatown


I will continue to update this as I review more places!
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