Thursday, September 9, 2010

Excellent Pork Chop House in New York Chinatown

Excellent Pork Chop House:
Pork Chop Over Rice

When you're in Chinatown and have to eat fast -- you can be sure to get your food quick at Excellent Pork Chop House -- this restaurant is among my top food places in Chinatown and it has been for many many many many years -- Excellent Pork Chop house serves my comfort food -- and I need comforting! :D

I personally love the pork chop over rice ($5.50). You can add a boiled soy-sauce egg for $0.60, which I do every now and then. What I love about this simple dish is the preserved vegetables and minced pork sauce that is draped over the rice (yes you can ask for more sauce if you'd like)... and the not-so-greasy pan-fried pork chops. The pork chops are usually plentiful for a meal; however, if I'm hungry, I tend to order a side appetizer of dried bean curd ($3.50). If you're adventurous, you can mix the dried bean curd with other small appetizers all for the same price. On this recent trip I mixed the dried bean curd with jelly fish, but you can also mix it with garlic cucumber or seaweed. It all depends on your flavor and desires.

I also recently tried their shaved ice -- yum. They don't have any extravagant toppings -- just the traditional - condensed milk, red bean, taro, tapioca balls, pineapple chunks, black jelly among other things ... I ordered my shaved ice with condensed milk (a definite must), red beans and black jelly ($3.50) and it was good... Simple, but tasty. For additional toppings, its another $0.50. Not bad compared to $5.50 at Just Sweet in LES.

The restaurant has been in New York for a long time and originated from Taiwan (its part of a chain there). So you can expect Taiwanese style pork chops here (not the deep fried that some of my Taiwanese friends enjoy, but the pan-fried ones). However, if you are looking for the deep-fried pork chops, you can try Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food on Hester Street between Baxter and Mulberry. I personally am still a fan and an advocate of Excellent Pork Chop House!

Excellent Pork Chop House is located at 3 Doyer Street and is directly across from the post office. Definitely make a stop by this place for its "Excellent Pork Chops" over rice ...

For a look at their menu, click here

Note: Closed on Tuesdays.

Happy Eating!

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ajlounyinjurylaw said...

The shaved ice is a must try, you make it sound so good and it's affordable.

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