Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Behind the Scenes of a Food Shoot

Things I realized as I assisted on this shoot ... A food shoot can run more smoothly if you have the right people doing the prop styling, food styling and allowing the photographer to be ... the photographer ...

I have had shoots when I am all three and it is too stressful to manage three jobs when all you should be doing is photographing the food. This usually occurs when budgets are small ! So this food shoot was certainly a refreshing change of pace and hope my future food shoots will be like this one!

Mental notes:

  • Ideal shooting day - 4-5 plates; 8 is a bit excessive; and well 10 - expect a long day.
  • Larger budget - allows for more props, more skilled people working on set.
  • Smaller budget - what do you have in your cupboards to make this work;?

For the love of food photography! yippee!

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