Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Positive Feedback from my Mapo Tofu Blog Posting

Photos: Courtesy of Frank

One of my college friends decided to try my recipe for Mapo Tofu... and attached in this post are his pictures and his comments. Good to see that people are improvising with the recipe and making it their own dishes -- guess what? that's what cooking is all about! making the recipe your own and tailoring it to your taste! and guess what? it totally works! Thanks Frank for sharing -- it brought a BIG smile to my face!

For the recipe, check out my past posting -- Mapo Tofu and Chinese Long String Beans

I wish I could attach a flavor to this email but we are not quite there yet. I have to say it was quite delicious.

I was surprised to find the Chinese string beans at a local Ralphs market!

I had to substitute Sriracha for the hot pepper paste and Sake rice wine for the Michiu cooking wine, but it worked out well.

I was cooking in only one pan and the green beans with the sake rice wine deglazed the pan from the good pork bits which worked out pretty great.

Thanks for the recipe!

-- Frank

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