Thursday, September 9, 2010

Caught my Eye: Ansel Adams Trust Suing Man for Selling Prints from his Garage Sale Purchase

Recall my prior posting of Rick Norsigian who unknowingly bought a box of Ansel Adams negatives for $45 at a garage sale over 10 years ago? and recently realized it may be worth more than $200 million? According to PDN, Rick is currently selling prints and posters from the 65 glass negatives through his web site As a result, Rick is being sued by The Ansel Adams Publishing Trust, which owns the copyright to Ansel Adams' work and trademark. The filed suit is to stop Rick from selling prints made from the negatives and the suit asserts that the following has been violated: trademark infringement, false advertising, false endorsement and violation of Adams’ right of publicity.

For more information or to read PDN's article, click here.

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