Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missing Ansel Adam Negatives Found and may be worth over $200 million!

A man named Rick Norsigian bought two boxes from a garage sale for $45 (talked down from $75) in 2000, and he may be holding some extremely valuable Ansel Adams lost negatives. Art, forensic, handwriting and weather experts teamed up to evaluate the negatives and concluded that the 65 glass plates were photographic negatives created by Ansel Adams more than 80 years ago! If authenticated by Adam's descendants, art dealers say this could be worth more than $200 million! In a recent auction, Sotheby's sold a large number of Ansel Adam prints -- with one print grossing $722,500! I can't even imagine what rare negatives will run for... wow! I don't know about you, but I'm going to check out every garage sale that I happen to come across! :D

To read more about the discovery, read the article on CNN Entertainment.

For more information on the recent Sotheby's auction, check out my Polaroid Collection blog posting.

btw, in the article, it mentioned that the negatives will be displayed in museums -- um, hope it makes it out to New York!

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