Friday, July 2, 2010

Xi'An Foods coming to St. Marks in the East Village! aka Xian Foods

I previously blogged about Xi'An Foods in the Golden Mall, Flushing Queens (click for past review) and discovered that they will be opening their fourth store on St. Mark's Place in the East Village! Woo Hoo! Its coming to their second location in Manhattan this weekend!

You definitely should order the Spicy Lamb Sandwich!

Place: 81 St. Mark's Place.
Date: July 3rd
Time: 11 am - 11 pm:

Below is their email they sent out to past customers! If you respond now, you can receive a free burger on the day of their opening (available to the first 400 people who show up).

Facebook event

Xi'an Famous Foods is opening up its 4th store location in St. Mark's Place in the East Village of Manhattan, NY!

We have come a long way since our original basement store on Main Street in Flushing, NY (which still does exist, by the way), and it's all thanks to our fans! :D:D

Mr. Liang Pi would like to say thanks to our fans for their support with some free giveaways and promotional prices! Here's how it works:

1. RSVP as "ATTENDING" to this event, and also send invites to anyone you know on Facebook. If you have friends that do not have Facebook, please have them email their full name (as shown on any photo ID) to

2. Show up at our new St. Mark's Place store at 81 St. Mark's Place on our event date with a photo ID that matches your Facebook profile name or a name that you emailed in.

3. Each guest on our "Attending" list will get their choice of one of our famous burgers for FREE! Our current burgers are: Savory Cumin Lamb Burger and Stewed Pork Burger. See menu at to see what they are!

4. Other promotional pricing will also be offered that day on our most famous dishes! Please check for Updates in your Inbox, or on here, for detailed info!

*The date of the event may be changed due to unforeseeable circumstances, but we will let you know of any changes ahead of time, so please check our Facebook/Twitter/your Updates inbox.

** Due to production capacity, free burgers are limited to 400 burgers total, so after you have RSVPed here, come earlier rather than later on the day of!

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simplyMEinNYC said...

I made a visit to this place shortly after it opened and realized the person working there was to say it modestly, "not-friendly and not-helpful"... Other people who posted reviews on foursquare/yelp, mentioned that the person working here is the owner's son.

Ignoring that, the best item I like to order from here is the lamb sandwich (ask for it to be not that spicy)... and that's about it... The other item I tried was rice noodles and I found it bland.

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