Monday, July 5, 2010

Twilight Fans: Did you watch Eclipse with the cast?

Summit Entertainment announced that approximately 20 cast members of Twilight's Eclipse will be secretly appearing in movie theaters this July 4th weekend and will watch the movie with their fans. Which theaters? What dates? When? Don't know which dates or specifically what time they will be appear at the theaters (why ruin the fun), but if you live in one of these cities, you may be in luck!

Atlanta, Chicago, CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Kona, Hawaii, Las Vegas, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, Los Angeles, MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Orange County, CA, PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY, Phoenix, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington D.C./Northern Virginia. (per the Eclipse Website and Fandango)

Eclipse is the third book of the Twilight Saga -- where new vampires are created, where "werewolves" join forces with the Cullen family to fight other vampires, and where you will watch one of the biggest fights in Twilight series; oh, not to mention you will witness the love story between Bella and Edward evolve! This will be the "darkest" of the three movies and will be one of the most interesting you will watch (or at least this is one of my favorite books of the series!)

We know Twilight fans continue to love Stephanie Meyer's books and the movies are also receiving the same acclaim -- especially as you see the box office receipts continue to climb -- the movie is estimating to have pulled in $161.7 million since the five release, topping the charts for this July 4th weekend (competing against The Last Airbender and Toy Story 3). In comparison, Twilight's two previous movie releases (over five days) -- The Twilight Saga: New Moon's had $164.7 million first weekend and even the first Twilight's $80.1 million debut per Box Office Mojo). And, it will continue to climb!

So, enjoy the movie, Twilight Fans and hope you are one of the lucky few who watch it with a cast member!

For an exclusive interview with Twilight's Ashley Greene per Fandango, click here!

If you don't want to pay $13 for a movie ticket to see this movie, SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY and read this posting to learn how you can watch a movie in New York for $6 (yes, that's unheard of!)

UPDATE: I just watched the movie and I think you'd feel better if you paid $6 for the movie as opposed to $13. I'm a big Twilight Book Fan and also a believer that the imagination is more creative than any movie you can watch -- so watching it on the big screen was different, and sadly, in my personal opinion, any movie you've previously read, is usually more fun to read than to watch on the big screen. However, that still doesn't keep me away from the theaters. :D Just set the expectations low. :D

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