Friday, July 2, 2010

Expensive Movie Outings No More -- AMC Theater / Regal Cinema Deals!; $1 Each for Popcorn or Drink this July 4th Weekend

I went to see a movie a few weeks ago and was just shocked at the price (yes, I thought I would be numb to it already ... but no, sticker shock is still prevalent in NYC...). Guess how much one ticket costs? $10? Nope, that was "soooo, 5 years ago.!! Guess higher. $13! Yes, $13 for a movie. Matinee? You're in New York -- only Broadway shows have matinees, so you're out of luck -- or are you?

MATINEES DO EXIST in New York! You can watch a movie for $6 at AMC Theaters (i.e Kips Bay, Lincoln Center, Time Square Empire 25 -- everyday before noon). The days vary for each theater (i.e. includes/excludes weekends), so click here to see if the theater near you is $6 and for which days.

Want more?

So, this is what I found out for you New Yorkers who want to watch a movie, but don't want to spend your lunch money on a two hour experience.

AMC Gold Experience Tickets
$34.99 -
If you can't do the math, that's $8.75 per ticket
No Restrictions/ No Expiration (from Costco)
Includes S&H

AMC Gold Experience tickets are good at any AMC theatres, Loews theatres, Cineplex Odeon theatres, Magic Johnson theatres and Star theatres nationwide, excluding Canadian theatres.

Present ticket at box office to exchange for the movie and time of your choice. Tickets are valid any day of the week. Tickets do not expire.

Visit for showtimes and locations nearest you.

Regal Entertainment Group
Premiere Super Saver Tickets

$32.99 - $8.25 per ticket
No Restrictions / No Expiration (from Costco)

Includes S&H

Premiere tickets are valid for any movie, any day, any time at any Regal Cinemas, Edwards or United Artists Theatres nationwide - without ever expiring. There is a surcharge fee for all IMAX, Large Format or 3-D Films and Manhattan, NY locations. Regal Entertainment Group is the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world with over 500 theatre locations in 39 states.

Visit for showtimes and locations nearest you.

Only caveat is -- you need to have a Costco Card. If you don't have it, I am sure someone in your family or one of your friends has it. So ask them! They'd probably be happy to get in on the deals!

Add popcorn and a drink to that $13 ticket -- you're looking anywhere around $20-$22 per person. So, do you want some deals with popcorn and drinks? Of course you do!

For this weekend only, you can get popcorn or a drink for $1 at AMC Theaters on July 4th. Yes, you read that right - $1 for popcorn or $1 drink, or splurge and get both! I just stumbled upon this on the AMC website.

Click on this link here: AMC $1 popcorn and $1 drink.

And for any other days, Costco has this deal.

2 AMC Tickets, 2 small drink vouchers, 1 small popcorn

Take advantage of the All-in-One AMC Movie Bundle. 2 AMC Gold Experience™ tickets (unrestricted), 2 Drink Show Snacks® vouchers and 1 Popcorn Show Snacks voucher all together in one envelope. Perfect for date night, holiday gifts, employee incentives & rewards. Save up to 35% off in-theatre prices!

If you've made it this far, that means you're still looking for deals. So here are a few other, ODDS & ENDS for savings that I know of.

- Check your place of employment to see if there are any movie ticket discounts. Beware, some of these tickets will have an additional $1 or $1.50 surcharge at the movie theater box office for NYC. But cost anywhere around $10.

- Regal Cinemas Super Saver Tickets, variety of deals, but would need to buy a pack of 50 or more to get the deal (um, hello Costco!)
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