Friday, August 6, 2010

iPhone 3Gs Photo Experimentation

I don't know how many times my blackberry fell out of my hands and I had to search in all the remote places to find my trackball! Needless to say, the blackberry fell one too many times and I found myself at a loss without a phone. Fortunate for me, a friend bought the new iPhone 4 and had an extra iPhone 3Gs. And, yup, you guessed it. I now have an iPhone and have been playing around with the 3 mega pixel camera. I took photos of, you guessed it, food , and though its not the best camera to use for food photography ... it still captures the essence of it. The iPhone camera is probably best suited for everyday events, landscapes, or just whimsical photos that you want to remind you of a place ... So, over the last month, I decided to walk around NYC and take photos with this camera instead of with my Canon DSLR ... The photos came out okay, but in order to get a decent photo, you would need to make a few adjustments in Lightroom or Photoshop. I would still recommend a higher resolution camera! But, at the end of the day, I don't want to carry my large dslr camera with me everywhere I go, so I follow Chase Jarvis' trademarked phrase "the best camera is the camera that is with you!" ... and the photos below are of my experiment with the iPhone 3Gs camera...

(note, the following images were not adjusted with Jarvis' bestcamera app, but after experimenting without it, it may be something to try in the future for $2.99.; additionally, the new iPhone 4 - has a flash, which may improve the quality of photos)

These were the first pictures I took with the iPhone... B&H Photo and Video -- free pretzels and water for patrons on a hot day ... Pearl Paint Store on Canal Street -- a bit run down, but you surely will find what you need on one of the five floors...

Thai Son Vietnamese Restaurant in Chinatown -- cleaning the utensils in hot water and then enjoying a bowl of stewed curry chicken ... oh so good!

Sapporo Japanese Restaurant in the East Village

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli in Chinatown -- House Special #1 and Pork and Shrimp Summer Rolls -- oh, delicious!

Luke's Lobster Bar in the East Village - Loved the decor and enjoyed the crab roll! Will review at a later time.

La Esquina (aka The Corner Deli) in Soho ... I heart these photos, especially the one of the lady staring right into the camera. Such a beautifully captured moment, if I say so myself. I had the corn on the cob and a taco - I enjoy eating here, but it is a bit pricey for a taco.

Pinche Taquiera - NoHo - Taco Al Pastor

Club H Fitness - I noticed a photo shoot going on ... and though its not food, here is some eye candy... ! Expect to see these photos up for their upcoming advertisements.

DBGB - Daniel Boulud's restaurant in the East Village / LES. A bit pricey, but loved this place. so many beers to choose from, and a large number of dishes that are mind blowing. i thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes here, with the tuna tartar being the least exotic or tasty item that we had... however, i will review this place at a later time. btw, we saw Daniel boulud walking into this restaurant in the afternoon! sooo kewl!

Xi'an Famous Foods - East Village - Good Spicy Lamb Burger -- noodles were bland; owner on 8th street -- was rude. I previously posted about their location in Flushing, so check out the post here.

Gena's Grill - No frills and inexpensive Latin Country Cuisine & BBQ / Cuban Restaurant in the East Village. The food is a bit heavy, so beware!

New Golden Fung Bakery in Chinatown - Famous for their melon cakes... but also had some Chinese Tamales and Taro Baked goods. The taro cake and the Chinese tamale brought back some good Chinese memories of my parents making it at their noodle shop! but of course, it didn't stand up to my parents recipes.

Mandoo Bar in Ktown - sorry, no pictures of dumplings - had a meeting here so couldn't really just whip out my iPhone for every dish - but we did order the fried and steamed pork dumplings and tofu... i've also had beef fried rice here (yum!)

Wonjo -- one of my favorite Korean restaurants in K-Town... Pon chon (a variety of dishes, including the butternut squash (?) that we had -- oh so good... and our main dish was the butterflied mackerel fish and sundubu jigae.

The Meatball Shop - LES - tried the spicy pork meatballs with classic tomato sauce and the meatball mash with the special bolognese meatballs with spicy pork sauce and provolone cheese... didn't get a chance to try the ice cream cookie sandwich, but will be back on an empty stomach! will review more later.

Bia Beer Garden - LES - Met owner Michael Bao Huynh (very cool guy) and enjoyed the small, but quaint beer garden in the back. Loved how you walked through a meat locker aka refrigerator to get to the backyard... but will review more later.

Bauhaus - LES - Pork Belly Bau, Signature Steak Bau and the Bau fries (essentially fried baus) with taro topping.

Last two photos ... Green Leaf Bug -- if you notice (click on the picture) -- you'll see the details of a leaf and had this bug landed on a tree branch, it would have been better camouflaged. but luckily for me, the leaf bug decided to land right in front of me while looking at a glass window.

My last photo -- looking up into the sky at Central Park -- it was such a beautiful day yesterday!

Well, that's all folks... my photo adventure with the iPhone 3Gs 3 mega pixel camera...

Remember, it is better to have a picture than not -- so start shooting with whatever you have!

and shoot often!

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