Monday, August 9, 2010

more iPhone test photos . . . check it out!

I wasn't completely satisfied with the photos I took with my iPhone camera so I decided to do another test run; however, this time, I took a series of photographs of random objects to see if the iPhone camera works better with random objects vs. food (or things that need detail)... what I discovered is the zoom on the camera is not good; if these photos are magnified, its not the best quality; you need good quality light (i.e. can't shoot in the dark, duh!) ... so, if you want a quick snapshot of something and you don't expect to make a large print (at least I can't imagine making a large print) -- it should work decently... some of these photos were color adjusted (but not by much!). and the verdict? is the iphone camera better with random objects or food? I think its better with random objects than food... but more on that soon!

For now, you can enjoy my iphone camera photos! The chair photos are probably my favorite from this series!

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