Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo of the Day: Just Sweet - Shaved Ice in the East Village

Eeks, the iPhone is not a good camera for food photography - but at least you get the idea.

A friend and I tried the shaved ice at Just Sweet located in the East Village. I didn't really find something on the menu that I wanted, so I created my own, which to my surprise was not a problem -- so I selected mango, red bean and condensed milk (next time I will add the sago!)... Though I liked the shaved ice, it was over priced for what it was. However, if you compare this dessert to 16 Handles down the street, or Pink Berry or Red Mango on St. Marks, then, $5.50 for this plate of shaved ice may not be sooo bad.

Just Sweet is located on 83 Third Avenue, on the corner of Third Avenue and 12th Street. Just Sweet offers crepes, shaved ice, tong sui, ice cream sundaes and drinks and snacks. It has been open since July.

side note: Just Sweet was nearly empty when we arrived at 8:00 pm on a Thursday ... not sure if other people have realized that either -- but, my friend and I started to wonder how long this place will be open for -- and ,IF, Saint Alps starts offering shaved ice... eeks, competition can be cruel in New York.

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