Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Photo of the Day for the Month w/ Mango Sticky Rice at Wondee Siam V in the UWS - Complete with Top 5 Photos from the Photo of the Day Series

Mango Sticky Rice at Wondee Siam V

Two things to note ...
  1. Mango sticky rice at Wondee Siam V ($5) was one of the best I've ever had. Thanks to Josh who turned me onto this dessert (and um, when are you making this for me?!) and then to Sou Yeon who added fuel to the fire when we had this at a Chelsea Thai Restaurant and then here at Wondee Siam V ... The plating was appetizing, the mango was sweet and soft, and the sticky rice was brushed with a warm and delicious coconut flavored sauce that led your spoon back to the plate and into your mouth. Mango Sticky Rice is now one of my favorite desserts. :D
  2. This will be the last series of my iPhone Camera shoot out -- with a photo of the day for the month of August (well most of the month). What I realized with the iphone camera is that though its extremely portable and convenient when you want to take a picture -- the quality is a bit shaky -- it only works well in well lit situations, but even then, the quality when enlarged is poor. Food photos are not impressive, but stationary outdoor photos work the best. So what to do next? I will have to figure that out... can someone lend me their Leica M9 please? ok, I'll take the M8 too. :D Beggars can't be choosers. :D
In a review of the past month -- here are my top 5 photos from the iPhone Camera (in no particular order).
  1. Sophie the Giraffe
  2. Elderly Lady in the Window
  3. Have you seen this before? Empire State Building
  4. What Are NYC Women Wearing on Their Feet?
  5. More iphone Camera Tests or the Initial 3Gs iPhone Photo Experimentation- Especially the light with the chairs, DBGB, the blue boards,
And though, this was not taken with my iPhone -- this was one of my favorite photos during the Photo of the Day Series: Outside Looking In at Thai Market in Harlem

For more, check out the link to Photo of the Day or iPhone Camera to see more...

So what's the next photographic project in NYC? We shall see...

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