Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo of the Day: Small Car, Big City

How many Smart Cars have you seen in New York?

With limited street parking, I can see how this car is a popular choice in New York. However, I think these cars are "city only" cars and not permitted on the "highways" ...

p.s. Click the image and see if you can find the extra detail. :D

UPDATED: My friend, Frank (yes you!) has apprised me of the following --

"They made the US version of the Smart car larger than the European version, 7.5” larger in length to be exact and they gave it a bigger engine that can do 90mph and… uses more gas." -- If you've traveled to Europe ( Italy, France or Germany ), you'll see this car everywhere. My friend said he saw a smart car in Florence with Munich license plates (um, do you realize how far that is!?!) FAR.

The same friend, sent me a link to the YouTube video below due to the relevance of this posting -- and well, um, its "R" maybe "X" rated in its "implications" but PG-13 with what you actually see ... but as a precaution, here is my disclaimer -- WARNING: MUST BE at least 18 YEARS of age to view this video. You are viewing it at your own discretion and the author is released of any legal issues relating to this video as she is not the "creator" of the video. Watch at your own risk!

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