Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hurt Pigeon and a surprising act of kindness by people in NYC

As I was walking down 32nd street, a pigeon fell onto its face, but started walking again. Not thinking much about it, I passed by it, thinking to myself -- was it injured or was I seeing things? I walked a few paces and then for some reason, I wasn't sure, so I walked back, and looked at it again. It was injured. As I watched the pigeon, it appeared as if it was looking for food, but I didn't see any around. So I thought I would help it.

As it so happens, the pigeon was sticking around a mini deli (that's convenient and odd!). I walked up to the counter and asked if they had any old pieces of bread that I can use to feed the injured pigeon. The deli guy didn't respond. Then I asked if I could buy a piece of bread to feed the pigeon? The deli guy responded, "the pigeon is early. I usually feed it around 4 p.m. and its only 1:30 pm right now." WOW!!! How smart is this pigeon?! It knows exactly when to arrive for its meal?! Pretty smart... but what was even more surprising was the deli guy knew about the pigeon and feeds it every day at 4 pm ! Such a surprising act of kindness from a New Yorker ... and why do people think New Yorkers are so mean? Not this man!

p.s. the deli guy saw that I was observing the pigeon (and taking photos of it with my iphone) and gave me a piece of bread to feed it. To my surprise, the deli guy must have trained the pigeon to eat at 4 pm b/c it wasn't hungry and left my bread along the fire hydrant (isn't that crazy! )... i wonder if I walk on 32nd between park and madison if i will see the pigeon again?

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