Thursday, August 12, 2010

Live cheaply and eat like a King/Queen in New York City for $10 or less!

We all know New York City is an expensive place to live ... but is there a way to live cheaply in New York? Of course there is and I'll prove it to you with images I took with my iPhone.

So what do you think you can get for $10 or less in New York City? Not much, right? Well how about three meals? For $10 or less, this is what my friend Collin and I bought last night on our late-night food tour.

Gray's Papaya
2 hot dogs + 1 Drink = $4.45 + tax

White Castle
Choose your own meal = $2.99 + tax

99 Cent Pizza
1 slice = 99 cents!

Grand Total for 1 Night = $8.70! (and that's for 2 people, $4.35 each!)

Ok, you can't eat this every night -- otherwise, you'll end up like that guy from Super Size Me -- but, the point is -- there is a way to eat cheaply in New York if you're a pauper and want to be a King/Queen for the day ... sometimes eating like this can be an adventure... well, at least for us, we just kept on laughing as we went to our next food destination!

caveat: but we probably won't be able to do this for a little while, well at least until our stomachs recuperate from all the grease... ha ha, yes, read the fine print! :D

Other photos from our food tour:


Anonymous said...

your friend sounds pretty damn cool.

Charlito the Bandito said...

the ultimate bachelor menu!

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