Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grimaldi's Getting Evicted?

How many times have you taken the A,C or 2,3 train to Brooklyn for Grimaldi's pizza? I have a few times, and I'm guessing others have gone there more than I for this beloved pizza. So is it true ? Is Grimaldi's being evicted? According to the WSJ article, it appears so!

The eviction process began in April, when the landlord, Dorothy Waxman accused Grimaldi's tenant, Frank Ciolii of not paying the rent and city taxes. Papers were serviced in July and the two will be at the Brooklyn Supreme Court duking out the details. According to the article, more than $40,000 in rent is due and it will be up to the judge to determine Grimaldi's faith. Either way, Mr. Ciolli has lost his right to renew his lease and even if things go his way, he will either leave in the fall when his lease is up or renegotiate a new lease with the landlord.

But, Grimaldi fans do not cry, at least not yet, Mr. Ciolli plans to open a pizzeria on Sixth Avenue and 20th Street in Manhattan. Additionally, check out Grimaldi's website for their other pizza locations. So one way or the other, you will have your Grimaldi's pizza.

For more info on this story, read the WSJ article.

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