Friday, September 10, 2010

New York Fashion Night Out 2010 -- Part of a Global Fashion Night Across the World: Tonight - 09/10/10 - in New York -- Starting at 6 PM tonight!

Want to find out who the biggest fashion names are today?... find out who is participating in it tonight ! You don't have to be a model to participate -- everyone can share in the fashion party tonight!

Thanks to Vogue -- Fashion Night Out is happening across the world -- United States -- Spain -- Russia -- China -- Greece -- Japan -- Portugal -- Germany -- India -- Italy -- Taiwan -- Turkey -- Australia -- United Kingdom -- France -- South Korea ...

GOAL: Get everyone out and SHOP! Reinvigorate the retail market , revitalize the fashion industry, and ring the cash registers! -- and lets not forget, BRING ON THE FUN!

There are a lot of stores throwing a big bash! Food, Drinks, Music -- all for the fun of having a Fashion NIGHT out... So check out this website and tailor your own Fashion Night Out with your friends! It's just not the retail stores, the party is everywhere -- restaurants, hair salons, ice cream shops, photography places... everywhere... so check out this site... and tailor your night to your fashion sensibilities!

UPDATE: Check out this article from Reuters for more information.

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Owen Cowan said...

Thiis is a great post thanks

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