Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Chicken Craze in New York City - Hill Country Chicken (Fried)

Photo taken late night at Mad for Chicken (K-town) with ambient light
by Susan Lee

Bok! Bok! Bok! The chicken are coming! The chicken are coming! Ok, I admit, that was a bit corny - but really, there are so many fast-food chicken establishments opening up in New York City that its just a bit -- well, overwhelming... First it was Mad For Chicken (or formerly known as Bon Chon), then there was KyoChon, then the opening of the real Bon Chon -- all of these chicken establishments are part of the Korean Fried Chicken craze (or as my friends call it -- the KFC, not to be confused with American Classic Sanders KFC) ... Prior to these establishments, there were other fried chicken restaurants that didn't get as much fame as the KFC craze -- such as Atomic Wings, Hooters, Baden Baden (Korean fried chicken in K-town), or "Something "King" in Harlem . Fried Chicken isn't a new food type, rather, people are beginning to popularize it. And just in time, Hill Country decided to extend outside of their BBQ realm and enter into the Fried Chicken business --- Hill Country Chicken!

Hill Country Chicken held their private grand opening party last night, celebrating the opening of their store on 25th and Broadway and held its public grand opening today. My sources say (I like how I can say that since it was only one friend that just told me about the situation) -- the lines were extremely long today -- which can be expected since its opening day!

So what will make this place special? Since I haven't actually tasted it -- here is a quick review of the interesting finds I see on the menu!
  • You can choose your own part of the chicken -- FRIED -- breast, thigh, drum, wing ($1.75 to $5.50)
  • Fire N Ice Pickles? $0.50 - wonder what that is?
  • Slice of pie? Pie Cup? medium or large pie? ) ($3 to $40)
  • Free refills on fountain soda (boylans!), ice tea and lemonade ($2-$3.50)
  • Milkshakes, ice cream floats -- yikes, gluttony! ($5)
  • BEER -- woah, what is this 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat beer I see or a Moo thunder Stout? ($6)
Aside from the chicken, you can also order sandwiches (fried chicken, chickwich, hill country club etc.... Its a very interesting menu... Will have to visit it to see what I think and to provide my review..

Hill Country Chicken is located at: 1123 Broadway (corner of 25th). Its open daily from 12 pm to 11 pm - call 212. 257.6446 or check out their website -

Happy Eating!

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