Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Definite Must Try! Lure Restaurant - SoHo Area

Welcome to the Lure Fish Bar located on 142 Mercer Street in Soho.

All I have to say is -- WOW, you will not be disappointed with the food! If you don't like seafood, or are allergic to it, they also offer salads, free range chicken, steak and cheeseburgers.

Here is a sampling of the food that we ordered.

Shrimp with Sesame Appetizer

-- we ordered this in lieu of the Shrimp Tempura and I have to say, both are very good; but if i could only choose one, I'd get the Shrimp Tempura (they are very addicting!!!), but if you could get two, get them both! (live a little!)

Wellfleet & Kumamoto Oysters

-- oi mate! this was delicious. if you like raw oysters, there are six different types to choose from...also, one "little clam" is available

Steamed Branzino (the original way)

-- Lure is currently making it with oyster mushrooms, scallions, ponzu and cilantro, but my friend was special so she got it "the original way"
-- Very smooth fish with splendid blend of seasonings - you have wonder why they changed it up though?

Chocolate Brownie Madness (my made up name for the dessert of the day)

-- first of all, you have to like chocolate
-- second of all, you have to like sweets
-- third of all, why are you just sitting here reading this -- go there and try it!

Our cool waiter, emphasized in blue (was by accident, but it was a nice mistake)

-- the entire wait staff is friendly, wacky and fun (if you want them to be)... and of course, professional
-- aside from the wait staff, the management there make the environment fun and extremely inviting (which is surprising considering the upscale menu)

As I briefly mentioned before, the menu is very well rounded and pricing is on the "higher-end" of the spectrum with appetizers ranging from $14-$30, entrees ranging from $26-$43 (you can get a Lure Style Cheeseburger for $17) and desserts ranging from $8-$10. If you're on a budget, expect to blow it with this; but if you're on a date - this would be a great date place; if you want to celebrate something or splurge a little - this would be the place to go as well!

p.s. Celebrities are known to like this place too! So ... Enjoy!

photos taken with my Canon SD880IS

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