Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sea & Sea Fish Market in Harlem

Photos from my Canon SD880 IS

As I wrote in my prior posting about "Carrot Sauce over Seafood Pasta" Here is a glimpse into the Harlem Fish Market (aka Sea & Sea Fish Market) where we bought the scallops and shrimp for the dish. The workers were friendly and very helpful. The gentleman in the photo went as far as opening the steamer to show me the steaming clams!

The place is exactly what you think a fish market would have -- fish of all variety, shrimps of all sizes, crab legs from different locales (photo is from Canada) and loads of people eagerly awaiting the "fisherman" to weigh their intended purchases.

If you're not in Harlem, don't fret, there are many locations for you to buy your fresh fish ... Chinatown (just walk through the streets and if you see lots of water on the floor, you've found the place), Chelsea Market (Lobster Place), Wild Edibles, and if none of these places work for you -- "google" for many more locations...

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