Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Apple BBQ

Photo from my Nikon D60
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This is a bit delayed, but figured, better late than never.
The BBQ took place in Madison Square Park from June 13-14 ... its the Seventh Annual BBQ Block Party that starts at 11 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. (um, you'd better get there early or else they may run out -- like they did the first day) ... I still remember being there the first year and wow was I excited -- the sheer demand and volume of people waiting in line has probably increased five fold since then! So much so that the organizers created a "Fast Pass" that allows you to skip the gi-normous lines and enter through a secret back passageway to the pit masters!
If you missed it this year, there is always next year!
p.s. If you're can't wake up early enough, or don't want to buy the fast pass - i'd suggest getting a group of your friends to line-up at different lines and then feast together at one of the picnic tables provided... if you go mid-afternoon or late in the evening, you're surely going to wait in the long lines, or worse yet, they may run out!


Unknown said...

Wow! That sounds DELISH! I look forward to trying it:)

jeje said...

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