Sunday, August 2, 2009

The MatchStick Man in Washington Square Park

Amazing what James the "Match Stick Man" can do with his hands. The box that you see above is made entirely out of match sticks and glue. He makes these boxes, often used for jewelry, and sells them to passerbys, or to people who have pre-ordered them. He originally started out in wood working (introduced by his father), and in the mid-70's he got into match sticks. By 1995, he began show casing his box work in Washington Square Park (he can usually be found across the fountain).

How long does a box take to make? From weeks to months -- it all depends on the intricacy of the box.

So -- what can you do with your hands?

-- Photos were from July 5, 2009.

1 comment:

Jeff Hui said...

wow... that's pretty cool. i've never heard of that. ahhh, new york city. always full of new surprises

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