Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baoguette - A revisit to try other Vietnamese Foods

this Cha Gio is from Baoguette -- so delicious...
just the perfect amount of meat in every bite ... and the crunch made it even more delightful!

some of Baoguette's other items ... such as the Sticky Rice pictured below was ok (perhaps an off-night since my friend LOVED the dish on a prior visit). It just lacked -- an ease to eat the food - the chicken was presented in three lumps and was not soft enough to separate the meat with a fork) ... though the combination of sweet rice, Chinese sausage and stewed chicken conceptually would have made this dish very appetizing, it was ok.

btw, St. Marks location has a tendency to have "flies or bugs" flying around (but perhaps, it was just that one visit?). I would recommend visiting the Christopher Street location in the West Village.

to read my previous review on the Vietnamese Sandwich from Baoguette, click this link.

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