Saturday, July 11, 2009

NYC's Modern Kimono vs. Japan's Kimono

Last week I walked around the city with my friend, Irene, and we saw this absolutely fabulous person walking down Prince Street... we were intrigued with her modern kimono and the "pursuit" ensued... yes, I did follow her to grab this photo ... but, I mean, just look at her outfit -- you would have done the same thing ... ok, well, maybe not - but I did!

This person and her outfit reminded me of my Geisha encounters when I traveled to Kyoto many many years ago... I am not embarrassed to admit that I had also chased down geisha in Kyoto -- first on a rented bicycle and then with my two feet... so, with a little luck, I was fortunate to meet these two Geisha on the train platform and asked them if I can take a photo of them. See the photos below and look at the differences in the kimono styles (very different from the modern NYC kimono) ...

Tidbit: Did you know that the kimono was worn not only by women, but also by men and children. The word kimono literally means "a thing to wear" and is often associated as part of Japanese culture and was traditionally worn for special occasions. But did you also know that the kimono was originally influenced by Han Chinese clothing (according to wikipedia). Also look at this amazing photo of women wearing kimonos in the 1890's.

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