Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baoguette - Pho Sure

yummy goodness from Baoguette! this is the CAT FISH banh mi -- which, sounds weird, but surprisingly isn't soo bad. the texture is something you wouldn't be used to in a banh mi sandwich (well not me), but the flavors went well... The seasoned catfish was very velvety, the bread was crisp, and the mustard and onions paired well with the catfish - nice blend... BUT, next time I must try the pork chop with fried egg (probably will put me right to sleep).

btw -- at the west village location (only one with Pho for now)-- you can add bull's balls to your pho! um, its a delicacy - don't you know? or didn't you watch Fear Factor?

p.s. the vietnamese coffee - not a fan!

p.s.2 i will also have to revisit An Choi again.

Baoguette Locations
East Village - 37 Saint Markets Place, (347) 892-2614 (very small)
West Village - 120 Christopher Street (has some seating area, also has Pho here)
Murray Hill, 61 Lexington @ 25th/26th Street, (212) 532-1133 (smallest)
Wall Street - 9 Maiden Lane @ Broadway/Nassau Street

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