Thursday, July 2, 2009

NYC Street Fight - Food Cart vs. Brick & Mortar Shops vs. Food Trucks

We used to say, different strokes for different folks; now, we're saying different food for different people... no matter how you look at it, many people are getting bored of their daily lunch routine and opting for something different to wet their palette. So where do people go? Food carts! Anywhere you walk in New York, you're bound to see the hot dog cart, the gyro carts, the fresh fruit carts... well, now you're seeing an influx of food trucks - yes, food trucks!

So, really, how many of these people are truly legit? Who knows, but according to the NYTimes, a 1979 law only 3,100 permits can be issued citywide and currently a bill is out there to increase that amount to 25,000 (So for those eager New Yorkers wanting to taste the food at the Kogi Taco Food truck we may have to wait longer! -- booo!!!). Ok, but really - 3,100 permits? If you've walked around the streets of Manhattan -- I think there are more than 3,100 carts out there right now! Crazy! So what is happening? People are buying "licenses" off the black market, latching onto someone else's license, using fake ones, and the list continues - I'm sure the Health Department has a lot to say about this... Well, don't be surprised, but six people were recently arrested for using illegal permits. Yes, the sting operation begins...

And now, imagine if you were the veteran food cart like the one on 53rd and 6th avenue (ah yum), and a food truck comes rolling on down the street from you - what ensues? Fight Fight Fight!! Ah yeah, if you go back to the NYTimes article re: Turf Wars that is exactly what will happen. Welcome back to the playground or the infamous line of - you're on my block! (ok, maybe not so much as a famous line, but you've heard it before!) and then the next thing you know - the cops were called, your tires are slashed, people are yelling at you, etc, etc. Wow, how extreme can this go? ... i guess stay tuned in and we shall see who will win - food carts? brick and mortar shops? food trucks? or no one?

So what's the end game for these food carts? Its a business - so make money of course! But, as we know, not everyone will play fair -- so good luck food carts!!!

Btw, I love the food carts - reminds me of the good ole street food I used to eat when I traveled around the world (sigh, I hope to travel again soon!) -- but I recall all the exquisite tastes and textures of the different foods and secretly hoping that I didn't get sick from it! And then, I remember the food carts peddaling deep fried grasshoppers among other critters -- eeks, but again, different food for different people ... but, all in all, i still love the food carts!

Two of my favorite food carts ...

1. the gyro food cart on 53rd and 6th (on the south west side of the street - do not get confused by the many knock-off carts surrounding the area; and you will notice it because of the long long line!)

2. Calexico - man, those are good burritos; almost as good or just as good as California burritos! Btw, because the food cart was so great --> the brothers who started the cart opened their first restaurant in Carroll Gardens!

For a list of the TOP ELITE FOOD CARTS, check out this article and see if you've frequented any of these before...

Happy Eating!

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