Monday, June 22, 2009

Done with Twilight...

Oh so sad, I'm done with the Twilight Saga. Book Four: Breaking Dawn was probably my favorite book along with Book Two: New Moon.

Through the course of my reading, I have talked with many avid Twilight fans and they too have finished the books over a span of five to seven days (p.s. every book is about 600 pages, with the fourth book coming in at 700+ pages). Isn't that incredible how people can get so wrapped up in a book that it would only take them 5 days to complete. Well, I know I did it and it was a lot of fun reading the books!

I still have to say though - people who tend to read this book will be those who a) want to know what the hype is all about (in which case, just pick up the movie first) ... and if you read the first one, you'll surely get lured in and then have to read the rest.. and those who decide to read the rest will find it fun to read; will enjoy the twist and turns of the love story; and also enjoy the not-so-scary vampire events. :D

so go, read! enjoy it and live vicariously through bella as you go through her ups and downs of love ... and for those who have been in love or haven't been in love, but want to be -- the book will give you exactly how it feels to be in love. :D

so enjoy readers!!!

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