Thursday, August 6, 2009

Best Burgers in New York! 5 Napkin Burger Review

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If you thought you've had the best burger of your life -- you haven't! Well, not until you try the Original 5 Napkin Burger. I kid you not, the burger is fantastic (and i've tried a lot of burgers)! If you like juicy burgers, this is it -- the flavors will be running rampant in your mouth and the juice may even run down your chin! why do you think the place is called 5 napkins? Probably because you need that amount of napkins to finish the burger ... just as Homer Simpson would say -- "mmmm BEER" ... i'd say "mmmm BURGER" ... you won't be disappointed (well, unless you're a vegetarian) with this special 10 oz. fresh ground chuck burger with gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and rosemary aioli that is served on soft white roll... d-licious!

And usually, restaurants can either only get the burger right or the fries right, but never both (why is that???) But, waaaaalllllla - this place has great burgers and great fries! so, if you like crispy fries -- you're in for a treat! Btw, they have milkshakes (which I didn't get), but that would probably be a bit too decadent for this meal (though I do admit a shake does go well with burger and fries)...

So where does this burger rank on my Top 5? Very high... Its different from some of my other favorite burger joints -- because there are varied burger "types" available in NYC -- the plain simple burger (meat and bun) with or without added toppings (bacon/cheese/lettuce/tomato/pickles/grilled onions, etc) and with or without special sauces (barbecue, variations of thousand island-like dressings, aioli, etc) ... So how can you compare a burger from one restaurant to another, especially if each restaurant serves their burger differently? Not easy, is it?

Here are my TOP THREE burger joints in NYC (5 Napkin burger is noted above)...

Corner Bistro - simple burger with/without cheese, like the ones you'd get at a backyard barbeque (and they can grill the onions for you -- ah, yum!); soft bun; bacon is available; no milkshake, but they have root beer and many "real" beers since its a pub; crisy fries, akin to McDonalds on a good day.

Burger Joint - simple burger that you can order with the "works" -- however, they won't grill the onions (boo!) and is served on a great soft bun; you can also order an awesome milkshake here (fries are decent)

There are many other burgers spots that I have or have not tried (Shake Shack (akin to Inn-n-Out); The Spotted Pig, Irving Mill, and more)!

Check out The Reader's Choice in TimeOut's 2009 Eat Out Awards for the Best Burger Joints!

Happy eating!

5 Napkin Burger is located on the corner of 45th Street and 9th avenue, (212) 757-2277

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