Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Food Stalls in Flushing Golden Shopping Mall

If you find the entrance to the Golden Shopping Mall (41-28 Main Street, lower level) in Flushing, you will find all sorts of restaurants in this underground food haven - heaven. Its not an easy place to spot -- there is a green awning on the outside and it states "Golden Shoping Mall" -- yes, the sign is spelled incorrectly. But if you find it -- you will find a collection of food stalls, or mini-restaurants, that will satiate one of your Asian food cravings.

So what and how do you choose from all the different food stalls/restaurants? I went with two other friends and we made our decisions based on what people were eating (or how crowded it was), what we smelled and what looked good to eat. In order to get a good sampling of the foods, we ordered one or two items from the stalls -- until we were stuffed.

We tried three different places, but by no means were these the only food places in here. Click on the links below to read our reviews.

House of Xie
Stall #38

Most Popular Item: Dumplings

5 Different Types of Dumplings
* Very juicy and flavorful
* Eight dumplings for $2.00

Xi'an Famous Foods
Stall # 36

Most Popular Item: Lamb with your choice

We selected Spicy Lamb Burger for $2.50
* Very tasty, very flavorful
* Lamb was tender

Lanzhou Handmade Noodle
Stall #27

Most Popular Item: Hand Pulled noodles

We selected the Oxtail Hand Pulled Noodle for $5.00.
* Noodles were as expected - thin, fresh and good
* Oxtail soup - abundance of meat, but flavor was bland

What other food items do you have to look forward to?

Left: Pork Chops over Rice at Stall 30 for $5.00
Middle: Two different restaurants -- soups, noodles, dumplings (price unknown)
Right: At the back-end of the hall (past House of Xie), you'll find red booths where you can order Hot Pot (or more known in Japanese as Shabu Shabu; price unknown)

Not enough food?

maybe you can wait until they open this next shop -- yes, its the size of a Manhattan studio!

or, if you don't want to wait that long -- can check out the first floor - yes, there's a first floor. There is no direct connection from the underground floor to first floor (at least, not to my obvious eyes); so you'll have to exit the way you came in, walk away from 41 Road and you'll notice the other door (photo below)

On the first floor there are not as many restaurants, but you will still find plenty of people eating here. Mostly, you will see people eating the Fu zhou cuisine. If you are not familiar with that type of food, check my previous blog on Fu Zhou Noodles and Fish Balls. There is also another restaurant here that sells Chinese deli-like items.

So that is my quick overview of the Golden Shopping Mall. Make sure you check the individual posts on the three restaurants that my friends and I scoped out for you. My favorite restaurants were Xi'an Famous Foods for its Lamb Burger Sandwich and House of Xie for its Pork with Celery Dumplings.

Happy Eating!

p.s. if you go here, tell me what your food thoughts are!

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