Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What did I learn from Ken Shung's Lighting Class Today?

"Forget the technical, be creative!" says Ken Shung...

and he may be right, considering there's only TEN three hour class sessions with him. So, with limited time in each class (less than two hours after instruction and set up), he says -- BE CREATIVE!

With 30 minutes on the clock ... I start to photograph .... I have to think creatively, I have to act decisively, and most importantly, when all the sh$t hits the fan, I still have to think positively!

So what did I learn from Ken Shung's Lighting Class today? Be Creative and let the technical part come later ... and I present to you my photograph of ...

"A Silent Wish ..."
Model: Ayana Barber

Note: Don't be misguided, the technical part is very important and it takes months/years to understand, so expecting to pick-it-up within a 3 hour 10 week session will be challenging! Thus, creativity with my photos will be at the forefront of this class... in addition to getting to use all the fabulous equipment at the School of Visual Arts. But so far, so good with Ken Shung's instruction of Lighting for the Magazine class!

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