Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Story of Katy Perry's Project - Fireworks

Katy Perry is working on a project for her new song - Fireworks! - and is looking for 250 individuals who have a spark -- "that are buzzing and fizzing and has the potential to become fireworks... the whole project will be an emotional experience ... "

Katy says -- in life, people are challenged to get to where they want to be; to reach their goals; hopefully they can hear this song and find out that those challenges aren't really difficult to get past.

I can attest even in my own journey ... it has been difficult ... and finding this message or song, today of all days gives me inspiration to continue to work towards my own goal of becoming a successful photographer ...

In Katy's own story of getting to where she is, "there has been a lot of trials and tribulations ... and this project will be amazing to hear people get through things in life and reach their goals!"


This is your chance to tell Katy Perry about the firework in your life. Is it you? Your Mom? Your teacher? A friend? Record a video about your firework. Tell Katy who it is and how they light up your life or someone else's. Share your story and get a chance for you and your family (up to 4 people) to come to her show in London and hang out with Katy Perry. Katy looks forward to seeing all your amazing stories.

1. Make a 1-3 minute video about a "Firework" in your life.
2. Upload your video to YouTube.
3. Enter the contest at www.katyperrry.com/firework-contest/
4. Share your video for the opportunity to win!

Here is her music video for the song...

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