Monday, May 11, 2009

Salmon Teriyaki & Wasabi Mashed Potatoes (4)

Hello All,

Its been sometime since my last posting - one month exactly. What have I been doing? starving? not likely especially with how "healthy" i look. :D so, unfortunately, i haven't been in the mood to post since i've been at the blackjack/poker/craps/three card poker tables in vegas and celebrating Stephanie's birthday in orange county! but, i think i've more than made it up this week... so, lets not keep you guys waiting much longer. Anyhow, I hope these emails are encouraging you to cook more wherever you are, and if you are in nyc -- lets have a dinner party!

Menu 4: Salmon Teriyaki & Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

Salmon Teriyaki -- i've never made this dish ... and i wanted to make my own teriyaki sauce instead of buying kikkoman's teriyaki sauce ( i didn't want to cheat ) ... so, i tested it out ! it was awesome... so simple and easy -- i would highly recommend everyone to try and make their own teriyaki sauce! wait, am i really saying that - i'm supposed to pretend like all of this stuff is tough, right? seriously - you will be sooo proud of yourself when you make this!

and what do i pair this delightful dish with? Initially, I thought it'd be nice to do roasted potatoes with green peas (saw it in Real Simple), but at the very last minute i decided to give it an asian twist and thats how the wasabi mashed potatoes came to mind ... anyone remember eating wasabi mashed potatoes at mercer kitchen? or was it wasabi pizza? whatever it was -- the wasabi mashed potatoes was a hit!

ok, side story - but quite funny and i thought i'd share with you guys - i didn't want to buy wasabi so i went to my local sushi restaurant and asked them for some wasabi! haha. ok, seriously - who would have the balls to do that? obviously, me since i have no shame (plus, didn't want to go hunting for wasabi paste)...

thank you shirley cheng for sharing this experience with me ... but next time, i'll make sure to ask you to place the salt on when you aren't tipsy. :D thank goodness you missed the salmon!

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