Monday, May 11, 2009

Beef Tenderloin Roast & Sweet Potato Au Gratin (5)

Sounds crazy right??? Well, we did it! Gena and I roasted beef tenderloin. We did the salt and pepper rub, not to mention the dijon mustard and horse radish rub in. This dish took about 2 hours... so make sure you set aside enough time in the day to do it! also, gena and i decided to go with the lower quality meat - which, i think distracted from the dish. what would you do -- pick the $7 per pound or $24 per pound beef? You can guess which one we bought - $7 per pound -- but who knew eye round would be a bit a lot tougher to cook and eat, than the filet mignon type cut? Well, it was worth the experience and we'd likely cook this again. the Dijon and Horse radish were great ingredients to intensify the taste of the meat.

Sweet potato au gratin - in lieu of mashed potatoes, we decided to go slightly healthier and cook

au gratin with sweet potatoes... it was quite yummy!
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