Monday, November 30, 2009

Georgia's Eastside BBQ (LES)

Welcome to Georgia's Eastside BBQ at 192 Orchard Street. The tiny place offers Southern style cooking and has enough seats to cater to about 20 people. Georgia's menu is a bit more limited than say a Sylvia's or Amy Ruth's in Harlem, but still provides the essential Southern food your stomach is craving. You can also fulfill your liquid needs with sweet tea, lemonade or Arnold Palmer (for all the hard-core Southerners, sorry, they don't serve bourbon! but there is a bar across the street!).

Without fail, a friend and I asked the hostess/waitress what she recommended off of the menu - her response was -- the Fried Chicken Sandwich, Rib Dinner and the Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. Since it was lunchtime and only two of us, we ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich and the Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich ($7)
Wow! The chicken was moist (well, how can it not be when its breaded and deep fried) and flavorful. The breading was crunchy and had a good peppery flavor it to it. The fried chicken is served with lettuce and tomato and if you want it hot, there is some spicy sauce that you can ask for. Nothing special about the bun, but it didn't distract from the taste. Served with potato chips.

Pulled Pork Sandwich ($7)
This is a staple Southern style sandwich, so it was pretty much a pre-requisite order. The pulled pork is served with cole slaw and bbq / vinegar sauce. The sandwich was messy, and I thought the pulled pork was okay (somewhat juicy), but the flavor of it was nothing special. [Perhaps I should have tried the Rib Sandwich; Better luck next time] Note: Unlike other creamy or soaked in mayonnaise cole slaw, Georgia's cole slaw was light and airy in taste. Served with potato chips.

Sweet Potato Fries with Honey Dijon Mustard ($4?)
How can you not love sweet potato fries? You can't. Its healthier than regular fries (well sort of) too! The fries were not as crispy as I would like, but I still enjoyed them.

However, I will say -- I can easily do without the honey dijon mustard - and to be quite honest - I don't even know why they offer that sauce with it -- the two tastes do not mix well.

Overall, I think the place is a quaint neighborhood joint that allows you to fulfill your Southern comfort food cravings. I wouldn't say its the best Southern style food that I've had, but it certainly fits the bill when you crave Southern food. And I would still highly recommend the Fried Chicken sandwich! Also, the prices are comparable and certain items are less expensive than other Southern Style restaurants / menus (i.e. Amy Ruth's, Rub BBQ, Sylvia's). Just remember to bring cash since they only accept that for now. To attest to the smallness of this restaurant, they do not have a bathroom. However, you can use the restroom at the bar across the street (which, I'm sure they have an arrangement with!), and while you're there -- don't forget to order your bourbon!

Georgia's Eastside BBQ
192 Orchard Street
(212) 253-6280
Cross street: Houston

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