Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am back from my blogging Hiatus!

Its been quite a long time since I had a consistent flow of daily blog posts, but today is when I get back onto the saddle. So what have I been preoccupied with that I couldn't post one photo? Life, injuries and work.

Work. I have been helping a friend at the Farmer's Market one to two days a week. Standing on your feet 12 hours a day can be an exhausting day, especially if its talking to customers about products and making samples and handing them out -- believe me when I tell you I have a new found appreciation for the Costco people handing out samples (don't take two samples, its simply annoying! ha ha). Additionally, you can't even imagine what your body goes through while standing on your feet all day and then battling the NYC weather elements (yes, not a pretty picture). Though, I loved the interaction with customers, especially when I discovered new ways to cook something, it was extremely exhausting... it didn't give me much energy to blog or photograph anything. Seriously, once I got home, I plopped on my couch and wouldn't move after that. OK, not always... I slowly wizened up and realized that this wasn't how I wanted to live my life. So, I pushed myself to meet friends for dinner to get some semblance of what a normal life would be again (reminds me of my banking days -- work hard, play harder).

So why didn't I just quit if it exhausted me so much and distracted me from photography and blogging? Because there was something that was more important than me... and that was to help a friend build an ailing business that he believed in. The farmers market stand also reminded me of how a business venture and relationship should work -- as a team. And I love that. I love it when someone else is willing to work just as hard as you to make things work. And I love it when your boss or your friend or your significant other is willing to help you out. Team. When one person is down, the other helps you get up; if you need help, the other person senses it and helps. Sounds so easy, but work relationships/relationships/friendships aren't all like that. Usually its "all man for yourself". Life would be easy and less shady if it wasn't like that :D Oh wells, back to reality.

All the other days, I would meet with Joe the photographer (gosh, does this sounds like Joe the plumber; but really my Joe is an incredible man) and assist him with his photographic needs. The other days, I would attempt to take photos, but as a photographer, I would say I failed and should have taken more photos than I did. But I'm working on that now, especially since I'm no longer working at the Farmers Market (long story) and football season is over ... which brings me to the next topic.

Injuries. Another thing about me that you probably didn't know is that I have been participating in an all-woman's football league. We have been practicing since July and increased the intensity in October as we prepared for our Nov. 7th tournament. All our preparation worked in the end as we advanced to the finals on Nov. 21. With my weekends and some weeknights taken over from football, it left me little time and energy to do much else (hence, another reason why I have not been blogging). But, this section is about injuries -- and so, as you can guess, I got hurt in one of the tournament games and am now recovering from a sprained ankle. The first few days I was scared out of my mind - with thoughts of - "will i play in the next tournament (or will i let my team down)", "man this is painful -- will i walk again or dance again?!?" ... After several visits to the doctors and a few acupuncture treatments, I am close to walking normally again ... woo hoo! back to photography and blogging!

Life. If you've read this far, I'm surprised. Because we all have so many things going on in our lives that its seldom that one person would really be interested in someone else's. Especially mine since its simply an explanation of what I've been doing and how its been preventing me from blogging and showing you some of my photographs. :D

Life is funny -- sometimes you have a good day, sometimes you have a bad day ... sometimes you meet someone and then your life changes... and sometimes something unexpected happens that takes you on a different course ... sometimes you get things done and other days you don't. all in all, you never know what is going to happen in your life -- all plans could change at any given moment -- but at the end of the day its just how you go about living your life... someone once told me that life is a journey that we either choose to experience alone or choose to experience it with other people.
So over the last month, I've been on a hiatus from blogging and have spent more time with football and friends ... I didn't think I'd take football so seriously, but it grew to something more than I had anticipated and that's what I mean about sometimes unexpected events change the course of your life. This change provided an opportunity for me to meet an amazing group of girls and guys that have a lot of heart and believe in the meaning of team. As you can guess, I chose to experience life with others. :D
Though, I haven't blogged, I haven't forgotten about it -- rather, I have a backlog of events and photos that I am excited to share with you. So, now that football and my involvement with the farmers market stand is over -- I can use the spare time to blog and photograph!

I am back in the game! So thank you all for being patient readers and supportive of my blogging efforts!

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