Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Live in the Present (Photo of the Day)

As I was walking to the subway, I saw this glass door decoration and thought to myself -- wow, this is a cool advertisement! Yes, it plays on the word "present" as in today instead of gift for the holidays - a homonym! (you didn't think you would learn anything new today, did you?)

I'm not sure why Equinox used this as an advertisement, but it caught my eye... though I took no action!

For some reason those four words resonated in my mind and I hope it does the same for you! Hope you have a thought provoking moment like I did today!

btw: when I was in elementary school, I won a contest for listing the most most homonyms among my peer group!! However, if you ask me now to think of some, it would probably take me time some to think of some! ok, complete... complete dork. :D
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