Friday, December 4, 2009

TGIF -- Go grab that drink! (photo of the day)

I saw this sign a week ago while wandering through the Lower East Side and thought it'd be a perfect day to share it. Its beautiful outside - probably nice enough to go out and have a beer at an outside bar (um, Studio Square Beer Garden??? or even Bryant Park Bar & Grill). Anywhere you go, just realize its Friday and if you had a week like I had -- you probably deserve that drink! So splurge and enjoy yourself!

There are loads of Happy Hour specials throughout the city - with a quick google search, click here for Murph's Guide and you can find a local bar near you. But, if you live here already, I bet you already have a local neighborhood joint ... so feel free to post and share here in the comment section (if i find the NY Times article about happy hour bars in the city, I will repost).

Otherwise, enjoy your Friday by having a beer with friends!

Have a good weekend!
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