Thursday, August 9, 2012

I can't get enough of the Excellent Pork Chop House

What can I say, this is Excellent! I personally like this type of pan fried pork chops (unfortunately loaded with MSG) that is served with a meat sauce (pickled cabbage with ground pork) over rice (~$5)

Other items that may interest you:
- pork chop noodle soup (I prefer the thin noodles)
- bean curd (tofu, it's in the background)
- seaweed is good, but it's an acquired taste and many people may not like it
- cucumber
- herbal soup - if you're not feeling well, you may want to consider this (but beware this taste medicinal)
- shaved ice - taro, red bean, jelly and condensed milk

Location: 3 Doyer Street (between Bowery and Pell street, across the way from the post office) in Chinatown, NYC

Note: if you like the deep fried pork chops, like many of my Taiwanese friends, you will not like this place. maybe try May Wah's on Hester street between Mulberry and Centre street)

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