Friday, August 10, 2012

Tripperbus to Maryland - How does it compare to Megabus or the Boltbus?

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"First time riding the Tripperbus to Bethesda, Maryland... Will it be the same, worse or better than the BoltBus or Megabus? We shall see, so stay tuned..."
Update: Tripper Bus is a great transportation option if you're going to Maryland/VA and want to avoid heading into Washington, DC.  As for the amenities, not many differentiators from other buses -- Wi-Fi was a bit slow, bathrooms were on par (though, people have to learn how to flush them), comfort of seats were on par ... I will note that the outlets were working!  Ah, I thought of one differentiator -- they provide you with one bottle of water, which I think is a nice touch.

Price is about the same, however, if you book your ticket early enough, you may be able to score $1.00 seat. 
Other Notes about stops and traffic

NYC -> Bethesda - no stops, took about 4.5 hours (leaving NYC around 2 p.m.)

Bethesda --> NYC - had one 15 minute stop, took about 5.5 hours getting back (leaving Bethesda around 11 am)

Departure Times:  Not as frequent as MegaBus or the BoltBus.

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