Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ken Shung Lighting Class #6 - Lights and More Lights!

The theme for last Tuesday's class was lights and more lights! I wish I had taken a photo of the set so you can take a look at it -- because it was truly incredible!

If you walked on the set -- you would automatically say "WOAH, woah" ... and as you hear someone "CLiCK" their camera ... an orchestra of flashes would go off (all at the same time of course). truly impressive looking, but lets see the effect of it on my photos.

here is the first one. can you tell where the light is coming from?

Ken calls this lighting set-up -- the non-directional lighting set-up. We were playing around with it ... and though its supposed to be non-directional, I think you can tell where the light is coming from... He is lighted on the left side and on the right are two V-Core Flats (with the white side showing) to bounce back light at the subject. So what type of lighting did I have on him?
  • Two large strip bank lights
  • One octabank
  • One softbox
This photo is a little less obvious, but you can see the light is landing on her ace. Any thoughts on this photo?

and, that my friend, is Ken Shung's Lighting Class for this week...

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