Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NYC Chinatown Fruit Market Under the Manhattan Bridge

This is one of the many fruit stands in New York City Chinatown. Fruit and Vegetable markets can be found throughout Chinatown - on Canal, Mulberry, Elizabeth, Bowery and ... basically just about every street in Chinatown! But there is one fruit/vegetable market under the Manhattan Bridge that is enormous and sells a variety of items -- fruits, vegetables, man taus (white bread rolls), and even fish (yes, you'll find all sorts of random things). What I find interesting about this street is that -- its not just Chinese people selling these items, rather its a diverse community of individuals. If you wander down this street, don't be surprised to hear the non-Chinese individuals speaking Mandarin/Cantonese to their clients. If you are lucky, you'll also witness true "Darwinism" at its best with non-Chinese vendors yelling "catch phrases" that lure customers to their stands... which catch phrases you may ask -- "cheap/inexpensive", "very sweet", and "very fresh".

The prices you find here will be the same throughout the street, but most likely cheaper than other street vendors on other streets (i.e. Canal/Mulberry/Bower). Why? They've adapted the Costco/Walmart model of volume discounts! 10 plums for $1.00? A pound of cherries for $1.50. Need I say more? However, sometimes you do get what you pay for... So as far as the quality goes, be careful not to be duped. If you buy something, inspect the items before you leave (especially, if you didn't pick it out) because they may have also put in some "bad ones" (usually fruits) -- and you won't notice until your home!

So happy fruit and vegetable shopping down this street!

Here are some of my select photos from July 2009 shot with my Nikon D60 or you can visit the album to get more detailed info on the vendors.

Manhattan Bridge Chinatown Fruit and Vegetable Market: Under the Manhattan Bridge
The closest street I would say is -- its between E. Broadway and Division Street, near Forsyth and Market Street ... If you hit Eldridge, you've gone too far!


Anonymous said...

I shop here all the time. Question do you know of any other markets like this in NYC?

email me amartaborn@live.com

Unknown said...

Hey, Does anyone know where I can find actual resources about Chinatown markets? I was wonderign if there is any because of the lack of information

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