Friday, March 19, 2010

KyoChon - Korean Fried Chicken Closed for Retraining?

I was going to visit KyoChon, the most anticipated Korean Fried Chicken restaurant to open in NYC this year, but just recently found out via other "Yelpers" that its closed March 18th and March 19th due to improve its efficiency, aka "retraining" employees to work the food lines.

Some yelpers believe its because of the bad reviews it has been receiving. After reading some of the Yelp reviews -- 33 people have reviewed it thus far -- the 2 stars may be indicative of its recent two-day closing. WOW! For a much anticipated opening, and the craze of Korean Fried Chicken in NYC -- the 2 stars is a HUGE disappointment!

So what are people complaining about mostly?

- Size of chicken - tiny, small, minuscule -- I think I need a thesaurus to add any more words

- Price of chicken - ok, have people not had Korean food? In general, its just over-priced -- but for some reason, we all still go! Yes, we're just all that dumb, or crazed for Korean food (I personally, LOVE, Korean food -- so I pay the price :( ). But one yelp reviewer said this "At their take-out counter, a small order of their signature wings (5 pieces) costs $5.99, while a large order (20 pieces) will set you back $17.99. If you get a combo which includes a side and a soft drink, the price skyrockets. "

- Long wait times -- north of 30 minutes for wings! wow! that is long. How long do you think it takes to fry some wings? especially, if you know customers are coming -- that stuff should be deep frying all-day long -- especially if this is the much anticipated Korean Fried Chicken that all New Yorkers are waiting for...

Yikes, 30, 40, 50 minutes of waiting for Korean Fried Chicken? No wonder KyoChon is closed for two-days to retrain its employees and improve its processes! For their sake, and for the price of that prime-retail location, let's hope this place is only experiencing the "jitter bugs" of its new opening and will have all the kinks worked out by March 20th -- otherwise, it will be bad news for this well-established and well-known Korean brand.

p.s. there is hope for KyoChon, especially since their Springfield and Flushing locations are "said" to be much better! So, will the re-opening of KyoChon meet that of its sister chains? We will wait and see.

Visit KyoChon's website (slow to upload info).

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