Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Georgi Vodka Advertisement on a NYC bus ? -- Photo of the Day

I was on my way home when I saw this Georgi Vodka advertisement on a MTA bus ... and was shocked at the product advertisement!

Many people say -- Sex(y) sells! But does it?

The advertisement is obvious -- a model wearing a bikini bottom with the words "Georgi" printed on it -- clearly -- sells the Vodka.

Really? Is that where creativity has gone?

Surrrre, it caught my eye, but what is this advertisement saying?

My initial thought was -- a$$ (well, that is what you see!)... so the vodka tastes like a$$? That's the association I have with the image and the words. Premium a$$. Premium vodka. Interesting. Well, its interesting enough that I'm blogging about it and interesting enough that there is a YouTube video about this particular advertisement (it was banned in 2008 and has made a comeback!).

I just don't get why a company would market their product in this way. Is this a good way to show that Georgi vodka is a premium brand to potential drinkers? Sure, it grabbed my attention, but it hasn't encouraged me to grab a bottle of Georgi Vodka over Absolut, SKYY, Grey Goose or Belvedere. Other recent advertisements have done the same thing -- Capital One Bank cards (yes, the one with the cave men). So, my question is -- does this type of advertising work? and what I mean by work is, does it encourage you to buy the product? or is it simply visual stimulation?
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