Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ken Shung Lighting Class #7 -- Kino Flo Lights

In Tuesday's class, I decided to use Kino Flo lights for my photo shoot. Kino Flo lighting equipment is mainly used in motion pictures, television and photography. According to wikipedia, Kino Flo lights are best known for its fluorescent tube system that are optimized for the color temperature of film and digital video. These lights provide soft continuous lighting towards your subject. Its very easy to use and easy to move around.

Kino Flo lights are lower power lights and like any other lighting system it has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantage. It won't blow your circuits. Disadvantage, well, sort of, but not really, since its low power light, you will have to play with your manual settings. I was shooting indoors and I used the Kino Flo lights as my main light source. I originally combined it with a ring flash to fill in my model, but at the end of the day, I liked the Kino Flo lights by itself and it created some interesting shadows on the face.

Set 1. I had two small Kino Flo lights facing one another, with the model sandwiched in between. I shot at w/ f/7.1, 1 / 125th of a second at ISO 800

I didn't quite expect this, since I thought the two lights would be balanced, but interestingly enough, I got this wonderful shadow that was cast on her...

Model: Dana

Set 2 (the Red Background set). Two large Kino Flo lights, side by side, directed towards the model. I shot this set f/4, 1/100th of a second at ISO 400.

Very soft looking photo, almost reminds me of SNL snapshots
(the ones you see right before a commercial)

Model: Dana and Juliette

Can we say, "RAIN!"... yes, pretend its raining and you're trying to avoid getting your pretty black dress wet...

and that's all folks... another fun day in the studio!

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