Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Queen Rania of Jordan promoting her children's book "The Sandwich Swap" in New York City

Her Majesty, Queen Rania of Jordan was in New York City promoting her new book, "The Sandwich Swap" at Borders in the Time Warner Building. The Sandwich Swap was inspired by Queen Rania's childhood experience and as you read this children's book, it speaks about cross-cultural understanding and tolerance through something as simple as two children exchanging a peanut butter & jelly sandwich for a hummus sandwich. I was in Jordan (see travel blog) earlier this year and was fortunate to have had an opportunity to see the Queen of Jordan in New York City promoting her book.

Queen Rania, who has four children of her own, engages in many humanitarian efforts, and at the forefront of it all is her devotion to children and their education. Her vision is Education = Opportunity. With that vision, she partners with public, private, and non-profit sectors hoping to empower each group/person to promote and encourage educational growth -- in all facets including improvement in the classroom quality, teaching standards, computer access, family involvement, community investment, and health awareness. Unknown to me at the time, her voice and her image is recognized in her home country and throughout the world -- she has her own NGO, The Jordan River Foundation, which focuses on helping the disadvantaged in Jordan; she is also the Eminent Advocate for UNICEF and Honorary Chairperson for UNGEI, which focuses on education and children in need. Her personal goal of promoting education amongst children is illuminated in this children's book by a simple illustration of two children having an open mind to their cultural differences and accepting them.

Her Majesty's devotion to children and education is not unique to women of her stature however, what I find amazing about her (and also mentioned from people at the book signing is that) -- is that she is compassionate and she is true to herself and this is embodied in her statement on her website, Queen Rania once said, “I just wake up and feel like a regular person. At the end of the day you are living your life for the people that you represent. It’s an honour and a privilege to have that chance to make a difference – a qualitative difference in people’s lives – and it’s my responsibility to make the most out of that opportunity.”

For more about her, visit her website and you can see her on Good Morning America. Below are a few photos from her book reading and signing.

I love taking photos like this. You need the picture, but don't have access. So you be creative and become the MacGyver of photography.

According to her website, "As an Arab, Muslim woman, Queen Rania is committed to reconciling people of different faiths and cultures by encouraging cross-cultural dialogue, particularly amongst young people." And that seems to be working, especially when you look around at the people at her book signing... there were many young adults, (male and female), mothers, and most importantly, people of different cultures.

The Sandwich Shop is available at Borders and Barnes and Noble.
Authors: Rania Al Abdullah and Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrator: Tricia Tusa



Great post & pictures!
I just wanted to add that Her Majesty is just as lovely and as gracious in person as she is on television. It's apparent that she cares deeply about making a real difference in this world and I applaud her efforts and her devotion to children all over the globe.

kelly dipucchio

OC Steph said...

These are great photos... especially of the one behind the books! It takes great skills to become the MacGyver of photography.

ceset said...

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