Monday, June 21, 2010

Soup Nazi from Seinfeld is re-opening his doors July 20th

If you've watched Seinfeld before, you'll know who the Soup Nazi character is. And, if you've forgotten some of the scary, yet hilarious scenes from the Soup Nazi episodes, here is a clip with some of the funniest and scariest moments while the Soup Nazi utters the famous words -- "NO SOUP FOR YOU".

Hopefully, you won't be one of the individuals hearing,"No Soup For You", as the Soup Kitchen International re-opens its doors on July 20th. Yes, Al Yeganeh (aka Soup Nazi who the character is based off of) is returning from a six-year hiatus and will be serving his specialty soups at 259A West 55th Street. If you wondered what happened to him during the six years, Yeganeh started a franchise selling soups under the brand Original SoupMan, which is now sold across the United States and in select parts of Canada. But lucky for you and me, we can (re-)experience a Seinfeld moment very soon!

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